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bugsy Sep 2020
Somedays I feel things to deeply
Somedays I feel nothing at all
Somedays I turn my emotions off
And curl up into a ball

I hate that I am like this
I hate that I am sad
My head goes round in circles
I must be going mad

I know that I'm the problem
I know that I'm the worst
I know there’s something wrong with me
It feels just like a curse

I wish that I had somebody
Someone to understand
I wish I weren't a burden
Taking space up on the land


But I am alive
And I can breathe
I can smell the flowers
And see the colours of the autumn leaves

Somedays life is hard
And others it is not
But at least Im still here
Beneath the ground I shall not rot
bugsy Sep 2020
i don’t love you anymore
i’ve met someone new
but as much as i try to love him
he just isn’t you
bugsy Sep 2020
Our love was like a thunderstorm
Overwhelming and intense
It flooded and consumed me
Until nothing else made sense

You were lightning and I was thunder
Never meant to be
But whenever I was with you
You were all that I could see

I felt a love I’d never felt before
A love that was so profound
The rivers began to flood
All my desolation drowned

While the rain drops pattered down
Suddenly lightning struck
Chaotic, restless wicked
You said I was nothing but a ****

Just like that it was over
Brief like a tropical storm
Nothing but a memory
A love I can only mourn

I screamed I miss you I miss you I love you
While I watched your tail lights disappear
My little heart still broken
And the sky begins to clear
bugsy Aug 2020
so the days slipped by, each one so alike I barely noticed the months pass.
bugsy Oct 2018
There once was beauty beyond belief
In far north Queensland’s barrier reef
Beneath the surface of the sea
There lay a world of fantasy

Amid the shallows of the deep
Countless crustaceans crawled and creeped
A place so different from the land
Until it was touched by humans hand

Now polluted by plastic sedimentary and decay
Has our only solution been washed away
Once a wondrous landmark to behold
Gone in a heart beat, the oceans tale, told

Although there a politicians that still deny
A warming ozone will bid the coral colours goodbye
Littered white graveyards accomplished the sin
If only we had thrown our ******* in the bin

A tremendous story of ecological distress
Hopefully we can learn from this disastrous mess
bugsy Mar 2018
more than friends, less than lovers.
bugsy Mar 2018
you are not your age,
nor the colour of your hair,
you are not your weight,
or the size of clothes you wear.
you are not your name,
or the dimples in your cheeks,
you are all the books you read,
and all the words you speak,
you are your croaky morning voice,
and the smiles you try to hide.
you're the sweetness in your laughter
and every tear you've cried,
you're the songs you sing so loudly,
when you know your all alone
your the places that you've been to,
and the one that you call home,
you're the things that you believe in
and the people that you love.
you're the pictures in your bedroom
and the future that you dream.
you are made of so much beauty,
but it seems that you forgot,
when you decided that you were defined
by all the things your not.
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