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adept 6d
u can love her
just don’t forget me in the meantime

that always seems to happen
what have i done to deserve this
adept 6d
the siren sounded
it was deafening
to those who were hurt
those who were broken
and those who survived

it had finally clicked
they had done it . HE had done IT
adept Oct 9
ur making a mistake
but i’m gonna let u

ur taking me for granted
i hope u pay for it
i hate u
adept Aug 27
every time you say them i wanna go back
to when it was you and me
to when no one else knew
but i can’t
i have other obligations
i have other fears
www- i love u-www
  Aug 27 adept
i'm not looking for god,
but i'm down on my knees.
adept Aug 13
i’m not happy.
and i don’t want anyone
else to be.
adept Jul 29
i saw what true happiness
looked like today
it only made me realize
i had never felt that way
but had tricked myself into
thinking i was
and it’s something i will never have
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