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adept Dec 2019
i’ve hated u for a long time.
u took everything from me
my home, family, faith, happiness, and sanity
u were angry
so angry u hurt us
and so drunk u didn’t remember
i wanted to get away but i couldn’t escape
do u know who u r or what u have done?
u have turned into the man that u hate the most
and don’t seem to care
u have hurt ur only son
who doesn’t understand and u know better
a full grown man is supposed to have more empathy and sense than a child with disabilities
yet he won’t call u dad anymore
he even knows better
i want my life back
i want u to not be so blind

but now ur sick
and i don’t know what to feel
now i’m scrambling for guidance
and u don’t even have a clue
adept Dec 2019
i found that i have been
forcing myself to get through my days
as if they were marathons.

running in circles and going no where
adept Dec 2019
and i want out of here
adept Nov 2019
we all hurt
but someone out there
is hurting worse.

we don’t consider that though

we don’t know what we have until it’s gone
adept Oct 2019
i told u so
she doesn’t love u
she admitted it
  Oct 2019 adept
It makes you cry and leaves you sad
But you like the salt and you love the mad
adept Oct 2019
his light brown hair offered kindness
his wide eyes were a safe place

his mid summer tan gave warmth
and his smile created happiness
to bad it was all a waste of time
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