Taylor 1d
i feel so strongly about you
and try to show it.
maybe you are just blind
or maybe i am just
making too many excuses for you.

i don't deserve this, i have done
nothing wrong.
but i still feel guilty

and yes, of course i have a close friend
that can listen so this weight
can be lifted
but if i told them
i could hurt them,
and make them feel the same way.
Taylor 2d
i don't think i will ever realize the true depth
of trouble i am getting myself into

because no matter how far i am under,
i never look up

and maybe this flaw will
be my downfall

because afterall, i'm living a tragedy
Taylor 4d
I have been in this
Position one too many
Times, and this time
Hurts the worst.
But the reason I help,
The reason I care, is
Because I realize that
You have been there too
And I look up to you for
Getting through it.
Taylor 4d
so many People talk about me behind my back,
They are claiming to be my friend and
make fun of me.
have They ever thought "maybe she is tired of it
and thats why she doesn't laugh"?

i wish i was different too and
if only you knew what i do to make
others happy. but i will give you a hint
and it involves making myself miserable.

and all i need you to do is stop and think
for only one second before you speak of me.
Taylor 5d
People see through to you
even when you don't want
them to.
So don't do this to yourself,
not when I can't help.
Taylor 5d
I was right to keep
To myself.
It would be worse for
Me in the long run.
Taylor 6d
i try to be okay,
or seem that way at least
but the ground is flying out
from under me.

i am not in my right mind,
it has become too much
and i have to get out of here.
"I was below empty"
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