Adept 2d
every time you leave,
you inch closer to never
coming back. and i
fear that this may be
the last time we say

Adept 4d
little did i know that
my past would repeat itself
with the people i love the most
playing the parts of those
who were the most evil.
manipulation is, and will always be, my worst enemy and most feared concept
Adept 6d
you claimed the sky
and i kept looking up.

what was kept from me
was never actually refused.
i lied, only to see if you would protect yourself or if you would protect me. turns out we both new the answer, and i still don’t mind
Adept Jul 5
i sat in secret,
watching you build a
safe place with your own
two hands. but when he joined you,
i burned it to the ground.
and you never found out that it was me all along
Adept Jun 30
you left me with nothing
but the words i wished
i would never hear.
but yet i make excuses
for you, in hopes
that one day things
will go as i had once believed.
it’s funny that i ever thought this would end with all as planned
Adept Jun 27
please tell me what i’ve done
i’m clueless once again
please please
whatever happened i’m so sorry
Adept Jun 27
i’m afraid that i’m losing you,
and that is the last thing i want.
i’m not sure what’s wrong,
for the first time ever,
and i can’t even get to you.
but We are fading.
please don’t go anywhere, i won’t let us distance
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