Adept Oct 30
no, i didn’t forgive you
out of love mercy or
i forgave because
someday i would need the same
W - T - D
Adept Oct 2
i need you to come back home,
but even the people that deserve
the best don’t earn the best.

and that alone, is ****.
Adept Sep 1
he walked out first
and now i guess it was
your turn.
this is what happens when
people become tired of
what made them want to
live in the first place.
the truth awaits
Adept Aug 16
                   i’m fading away
                   and it’s all your fault
i am not as brave as i was at the start
Adept Jul 30
it wasn’t on purpose
but it hurts like it was
“U know i never thanked u”
but now i’m better
Adept Jul 30
i am trying to go through
this with you and take it step by step,
but we seem to be going in
opposite directions.

you towards the fault line
and me towards the light,
but to our surprise, you
end up getting through
this without me in the end.
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