Adept 6d

that’s all
Adept Jan 1
your words mean nothing to me
but i want you to keep talking
Adept Dec 2018
i've been held hostage
in a home
that is overflowing
with a silent
yet deafening rage
Adept Dec 2018
deception will forever be
my greatest power
Adept Dec 2018
when we had no family
no friends
no hope

we held on to each other
you were, and are, all i have
  Dec 2018 Adept
Rose K
i can’t form the words
to tell you how i feel,
and even if i could,
no words could expresss
the pain that i feel.
i still can’t believe
you would do this to me...
Adept Nov 2018
secrets come back to haunt you,
i am just learning that the
hard way
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