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Jillian McLean Jul 2019
A moment so precious is not savored properly anymore
a moment worth remembering is hard to restore
because we use technology and hide behind a screen
without even seeing the real dream

The time we want to capture a moment so true
is the moment we take our phones and just look through
are we even seeing the life of it all?
or is it just through the screen where the moment is so small

It's time to capture your memory through the lens of your eye
savor the moment, dont be shy
capture a memory and soak it all in
dont be afraid, this is the way it should of been
Jillian McLean Jul 2019
You will have days where you don't want to try
The storm clouds have rolled in
You will be asked if you are okay and all you can do is lie
The thunder is roaring.
You will scream and yell but no one will hear
Lightening strikes.
You will cry and no one will see a tear
It started to pour.
You have a decision to make
the streets are flooding.
Sit in the rain and just break
the storm is bigger.
Or you can put your rain boots on and let it rain
because sometimes a little water can wash away the pain.
Jillian McLean Jul 2019
I am a live wire full of hurt and distress,
I am a daisy
I am unphased, numb and a mess
I am an oak tree
I am shattered, torn and in defeat
I am the moon
I am unread, disregarded and incomplete
I am me
I do not have a hidden agenda
I cannot always see the colors of the wind
i see your eyes that are so kind
and that is when I realize you are the beauty that cannot be
Jillian McLean Jul 2019
My pictures in my room are not just for show,
they have way more meaning than you would ever know,
my pictures in my room are memories I wish had last
but now they are only in the past
My pictures in my room are moments ill forever hold
these memories are highlights, these memories are pure gold
however those times have gone away
I have never not missed them to this day
Jillian McLean Jul 2019
You were a sky free from clouds,
a sight to see
You were different from the rest
a person I'd want to be
You were stronger than a bird
on a rainy day
You were the person I loved
but you took that away
You acted like the guy that hurt me before
except you were my pal so this hurt much more
an infection that i'd hope would go away soon
You are the sun and I am the moon
you are my best friend
it doesn't have to be like this
the hypocrisy can end.
Jillian McLean Oct 2018
Love is not something you can pick up and drop,
the moment you catch feelings those feelings never stop,
you can say you’re over someone but  you’re really not,
Cause in reality your feelings are caught up in a knot
Jillian McLean Oct 2018
She knew she deserved more yet she settled for you,
She knew the pain wasnt worth it, yet she let it stick through
She knew the hurt wouldnt pass but she didnt care about that too
She settled for something less than what she deserves bc she chose you.
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