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Mikey Kania Dec 2019 a purple curtain

behind this curtain
is your flesh

behind your flesh
is your ego

behind your ego is the real you
we've been on a journey
like grandpa and grandmom
take me away
take me to the place of the real you
why do we always desire what we don't have?
why do we want to be somebody else?


I got a tattoo for my best friend,
It’s a tombstone,
And every time someone sees it they tell me “I’m so sorry for your loss”

I say that’s okay, she’s alive, we just have a morbid sense of humor,
And they look at me strangely,
Like there’s something wrong with me,
And I always reply,
If I can’t laugh at death, how can I live without fear of dying?

We are not promised tomorrow,
There’s a chance this second could be our last,
My lungs could refuse to **** in air,
Your heartbeat could stutter out at any moment,

Why worry about that ticking tick?
Let me laugh about it now,
So when death does come for me, just like he will come for you,
I can greet him as an old friend,
Instead of the monster we all dream of.
Side note, she has a matching tombstone tattoo.
Ceyhun Mahi May 2018
I think you are the only one,
    Who’s normal in my busy feed.
In crowds, my affection you’ve won,
    And are the one who I do need.

They post those pretty, prideful pics,
    While you just share so modestly,
Upon a day from one to six
    Pictures who are so glittery.

You have some friends who post like you,
    Dainty with their beautiful styles,
With pastel pink and pastel blue,
    Evoking love, evoking smiles.

Thank you, my distant star-like friend,
    Who I know only through my phone,
This with my peace to you I send,
    While I do stay to you unknown!
Martyna Maselsky Feb 2018
writing poems is pretentious they say,
did you know?

apparently I'm stuck up my own ***
if I don't

sorry you act to good to express how
you really feel

you think its 'gay' and 'pathetic'?
well okay

say what you want
I dont care

it makes me feel alive
do you like feeling dead?

it's like your thoughts come to life

and it feels so real

I feel sorry for you,
if you think you're too good to express

or maybe on the other end
you're just too insecure to address?
luci Nov 2017
everybody tries to be
a perfectly created masterpiece
yet all i want to show
are my flaws

i want to be so
inevitably flawed
that no one can help
but stare at me
and taste
the bittersweet realness of my being
STLR Oct 2016
What is 1 to 1.5

currency to relativity

urgency brings negativity

It's not about new tools

it withers your tools bring productivity

The way you slap that old guitar, the way you drive that beat up car

How fast does it run? How long does it last? How fast does it charge?

New can only take you so far

Let that distance your reach be derived from a skill, not from how rich or famous your are.

I often walk, even though I own a car...I prefer feeling the wind, the open-air, it makes me feel like I'm apart of something

The emotions I feel are driven from an organic substance, the dirt that I see the wind that I feel..these constant conflicts between what is man-made and what was here.

The stare of a deer, the tree was its friend, it's now been destroyed to make a path of cement.

That path of cement created a state of solidarity, urban prosperity, violence numbified by media regularities.

Civilizations become the norm, even though we all barely speak to each other physically

Digital formats become our literal floor mats, every result you leave results in a digital footprint, cataloged for the marketing lab rats

Too complex to understand like a physical labyrinth, Let me elaborate

So let me ask you ?! What is 1 to 1.5

Can you live without your social media vices, multimedia devices, tell me the definition of what "like" is

Currency, urgency, thumbs up if you feel like every part of your life is an emergency, if so then share it,
so the world can see

Then watch your conversations about fashion turn into a targeted ad about a jacket that is burgundy

Invasion of privacy? Not if your privacy is for the world to see.

Coincidently that jacket is on sale, so if you buy it this theory will not fail, and if you don't the media will still prevail, it's presence is an entire quarter, meaning it's heads or tails.

That's urgency hiding behind a veil.
Samm Marie Moore Jul 2016
Do you have a problem with
The way I
And walk
'Cause if you do
***** I'll knock your *** to the floor
I might be ****** up
As all holy hell
But **** hunny
I got way more culture than you'll ever know
I don't give two *****
That you've been across Europe
And seen all Seven Wonders
Because at the end of the day
I still got more love
I couldn't give a flying rat's ***
About your big hair
And prettied up nails
'Cause *****, I'll still ******* up
You wanna mess with me
Go right ahead
I'll tear off your throat
If you talk **** 'bout my people
And I ain't judgin' you for
The way for the funny way you
Or walk
I ain't even judgin' you for your upbringing
I, too, can talk in a highly sophisticated manner
With my nose upturned
My hair permed
My nails done weekly
In high heels
From behind the gated community we
Both lovingly call home
I can even join you and your gaggle
Of acquaintances
For a night at the country club
So of course I don't judge you for any of that
*****, hunny, I judge you
'Cause o' the way you treat
Me and my family,
Which yes includes friends,
Like we's all some sorta **** you stepped in
Do you have an issue with being real?
'Cause **** you wear
Eau de faux
Like I might be your last breathing sight
Declan Quinn Feb 2016
Do you see me?
Or are you just looking?
Do your hear me?
Or are you just listening?
Do you feel me?
Or are we just touching?
Do you want me?
Or are you just caught?
Do you want me?
Or do you just need me?
Happy Wednesday!
Mia Wallace Aug 2015
His mind wrapped around my neck like a snake
His eyes were sharp and constant
I Knew they held truth
When they held mine
We spoke to each other in a way that froze time
Lapses of speed and light around us while we sat with our wine in a force field of intensely still and silent air
You could cut with a knife
He's dangerous.
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