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M Vogel Feb 14
-- it is a process, girl.
Sometimes the path's journey can at times  feel
as anything but of that which is in a direction
towards the light,
but with the right heart and mindset,  that
form of movement is it's own kind of overcoming, also.
You have a tendency of embedding into your written words,
messages and pictures (of pictures) that are so very easy
to both see  and feel,

    for those of us that truly do want to see
    and feel your world as it truly is,

rather than what we may need or think it should be.

You want to be seen, my friend..
but not necessarily  by the everyday, mundane kind of eyes.
I often get a strong sense from you that you want
(almost more than anything)
to know,  first hand  that someone cares enough
to actually want to read into your messages  the deep pleas
of yours for an accurate understanding
(or at least the desire to)
of just how bad it truly is for you (and those such as yourself)..
along with your embedded pleas and deep longings
for grace
and mercy..
and for a deep tenderness,  wrapped
within an immeasurable strength rarely seen in this world.
  And ah, babe.. I love the fact that in your gorgeousness,  you
have a wonderful form  of knowing,  
    and understanding
that there is a tremendously deep beauty within you

   that is so very worth saving..  
   so very worth fighting for--

so tremendously worth  every moment of pain  and hard work,
the often difficult extraction process most very likely may entail.

You also know.. deep within that wonderfully,  juice-laden
body of yours..  that because of the depths of magical beauty
that lies encased-- wholly within your spirit's temple-skin,
just the thought of the nearly overwhelming amounts of warmth
that would permeate all parts of you,
touched within the precious gold's beautiful extraction-process,
the intensity of ******* you would experience   within
the loving movement of it all would be   completely

and fully

off the charts..   no doubt about it.
(but hey.. you already know that, my friend..)  (:

Never, ever give up believing in the beautiful  and magical  
power  of healing that comes from the Wellspring's flow.
Every single part of that sweet,  nectar-filled body of yours,
aches to its core in hope that you never,  never let go
of that wonderful,  life affirming view
of the well's true, deeply loving nature.

You are at times quite frustrating.. but then again,
I am easily frustrated in this world.

I will never not believe in you, kid..  
N e v e r <3 xo

All I craved for
Is to see more
Of many opportunities
That opens much doors
But I was left with an option
Fake this -perfect this!
What might pays big?
Fake burns fast like the enstrunch fire
And perfection rebuilds, reframe,  re-brand  the inner success fire.
Perfect not fake
Fake not,  perfect more
William A Poppen Aug 2020
Let me be who I really am with you
My eyes directly train upon what’s true
My realness experiences your realness
Avoiding deceit or pretense
Authenticity unimpeded
Open heart, sharing my opened mind
The real thing unadulterated
My words and feelings unalloyed
Let me be who I really am with you
An undisputed portrait of me
Meaning what is said honestly
Frankness displayed in every word
Candid truth is what you have heard
I’m the legtimate and upfront article
Let me be who I really am with you
Ellie Harris Apr 2020
Your voice is one in which I crave.
You make me feel.
You've made me cry, real tears. Not those crocodile ones that the children cry.
Real, wet, hot tears -- euphoric in a sense, the tears, they clear my mind.
They make me see what I couldn't before. A sense of -- enlightenment, perhaps?
Tizzop Dec 2019 a purple curtain

behind this curtain
is your flesh

behind your flesh
is your ego

behind your ego is the real you
we've been on a journey
like grandpa and grandmom
take me away
take me to the place of the real you
why do we always desire what we don't have?
why do we want to be somebody else?


I got a tattoo for my best friend,
It’s a tombstone,
And every time someone sees it they tell me “I’m so sorry for your loss”

I say that’s okay, she’s alive, we just have a morbid sense of humor,
And they look at me strangely,
Like there’s something wrong with me,
And I always reply,
If I can’t laugh at death, how can I live without fear of dying?

We are not promised tomorrow,
There’s a chance this second could be our last,
My lungs could refuse to **** in air,
Your heartbeat could stutter out at any moment,

Why worry about that ticking tick?
Let me laugh about it now,
So when death does come for me, just like he will come for you,
I can greet him as an old friend,
Instead of the monster we all dream of.
Side note, she has a matching tombstone tattoo.
Ceyhun Mahi May 2018
I think you are the only one,
    Who’s normal in my busy feed.
In crowds, my affection you’ve won,
    And are the one who I do need.

They post those pretty, prideful pics,
    While you just share so modestly,
Upon a day from one to six
    Pictures who are so glittery.

You have some friends who post like you,
    Dainty with their beautiful styles,
With pastel pink and pastel blue,
    Evoking love, evoking smiles.

Thank you, my distant star-like friend,
    Who I know only through my phone,
This with my peace to you I send,
    While I do stay to you unknown!
writing poems is pretentious they say,
did you know?

apparently I'm stuck up my own ***
if I don't

sorry you act to good to express how
you really feel

you think its 'gay' and 'pathetic'?
well okay

say what you want
I dont care

it makes me feel alive
do you like feeling dead?

it's like your thoughts come to life

and it feels so real

I feel sorry for you,
if you think you're too good to express

or maybe on the other end
you're just too insecure to address?
luci Nov 2017
everybody tries to be
a perfectly created masterpiece
yet all i want to show
are my flaws

i want to be so
inevitably flawed
that no one can help
but stare at me
and taste
the bittersweet realness of my being
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