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Grace B Jul 2020
It’s plastic bags & paper napkins that taught us left
from right.
Saying grace at dinner but not in prayers.
Teaching wholeness & caring words through these paper napkins,
can't you see,
your words were too light.
Nothing seeped through.
We could spend days wading in rivers or
Driving through fields.
Catching the sun turnover,
shadows of trees hitting your face,
Light, dark, light, dark.
The smell of dirt soaking through your skin.
We had all of this time.
But we never had the chance to learn anything that would fall through your paper plate,
And hit your heart.
Nothing that would turn the moon on its back.
I feel so sorry.
Now we’re all too heavy to catch the sun.
Tony Tweedy Mar 2020
From the moment I was born and society taught me how to live.
Expectation was given it's priority and there my energies I did give.

Through culture and my peers I was taught all right from wrong.
And without question or any form of doubt I went right along.

I learnt what I was meant to as society did dictate for me to do.
Becoming fluent and accepted because I shared their social view.

I managed all the toil and trials that was expected of my role.
I gave my every effort to what society said was my goal.

For sure I was born lucky and graced by dint of birth.
Secure, safe and protected from the terrors of this Earth.

I even watched the news each night to have a worldly view.
Despite all I saw, on the morrow, I did as I had been taught to do.

So far from my daily life and not part of my despair.
I got about my life's business and continued on without a care.

I don't know what caused a change, in how I view what life brings.
It seems that luck and randomness determine all varied things.

Through all of this I have come to doubt the culture of my youth.
I see the lives of the majority and doubt my world's so called truth.

I now see the selfish shape of the life that we are taught.
Where looking out for number one is the underlying thought.

My society favours wealth and it has an ingrained need.
To close it's eyes to despair in any form and to service only greed.

My eyes only ever were opened in a very temporary blink.
I feel the guilt and know the shame of how I was shaped to think.

Now without that social purpose that anchored my very sanity.
I feel despair at a world eyes closed, to the value of true humanity.
Tonight's news will be gone and forgotten tomorrow... unless we live it ourselves. My world was/is safe from wars, dictators and disaster. Even so... my neighbour may be homeless, sick or simply a survivor. I and most of my culture are heedless. Is that the same as not caring? Eyes are easily enticed to other things.
Mercia Jan 2019
She stood still as life stood before her
Her path unclear
Her memories fighting one another
Her demons sing the hymn her heart beats
Life stood before her with claws that took lives away
She tried to run
Her blood filled with truth and depression
Causing her to stand still
Her mind filled with plans to run away
Her painful memories won
She learnt life had 3 choices
Live, run or die
She tried all and failed all
Living and breathing became hard
She lost meaning and saw a trampled heart
Her heart stepped and bruised by the people she loved
Her body used like a tissue on a hot summers day.
Only purpose is to clean up.
She searched for a place to bury her heart but only found more humans created to harm.
Her blood flowed in disappointment and regret as she ran passed life and met death.
Death gave a warm welcoming hand
With eyes that glittered the face with truth of pain
She knew death stole the identity of life
But confrontations was her weakness
She found a calmness that death gave her
A calmness that turned all good, bad
She ran back
She sat in between life and death for she had nowhere to run
The world she stole the blame from pushed her away
The river that welcomed her with wickedness was rejected due to past teachings..
Now she remains in a world of confusion and accepting of everything.
Irina BBota Oct 2018
I close one eye, but with the other, I see everything bright,
and I'm telling myself “let's move on", let's try my luck"
with a smile like a curve that makes everything right,
I'm not allowed to scream, to cry, or to get stuck.

For whatever path we choose in life, the truth or the lies,
we all pay a certain fee, it will rain on our shoulder,
and even if we don't get there, we don't dramatize,
we travel with a restless soul, like a solitary soldier.

We cry rivers of tears in our pain, seeking for our spirit,
we wear coloured masks, between war and peace,
from life's teachings, we build a bridge, we don't quit,
and wandering, we cross it, as long as our heart beats.
Brianna Duffin Jan 2018
Act like a lady,
Be a lady.
Being a lady means you can take it.
You. Can. Take. It.
Because all your life you have been trained by specialized warriors,
Trained to take whatever he world throws a ou
Like a lady-
With grace, and dignity, and strength, and courage.
You a braver than you know,
Stronger than you know,
Smarter than you know.
Being a lady doesn’t mean you never doubt yourself.
It doesn’t mean you will never fail.
It means that you are capable of great things,
Things like grabbing the impossible by the *****,
Looking its demons head on,
And making it just one on the long list of your accomplishments.
Ileana Payamps Aug 2017
i know i'm growing up.
life has taught me many things,
things that i think are mistakes
but in reality,
they aren't...
they're just lessons,
teachings that will help me
discover who i am.
who i truly am.
who i was born to be.
Leena Beddawi Jul 2017
Confidence is something we're allegedly taught
but somehow all of my teachings were naught

you see, I glazed over the part about self-compassion
the rest of my life spent in similar fashion

I try to re-learn all that my mind misconstrued
the hope I harbor within, I can't exclude

all I need is a bout of trust, courage, and medication
my aim is a newfound liberation
I just want to feel good, you know? I'm barely sticking my toe in this whole rhyming thing. Tell me what you think (I know it's choppy) anyway.
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