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Ileana Payamps Dec 2017
And here I have been able to find refuge.
It is more than a simple pencil and paper.
This is where my tears fall and my smiles last.
This is where I have been able to find purpose, sincerity, and freedom.
I have found love and understanding.
This is where I found my talent.
Here I have found my sweet escape.
This is where I found myself and I decide to stay.
In the pencil and paper.
my sweet escape.
Ileana Payamps Oct 2017
It's in the little blue house
All the way in its peak
Is where you'll find my soul melting
Dying for the one up there.
It's in the big blue sky
In its rainbow and clouds
That's where you'll find his lovely eyes
Waiting for mine to spot his.
my special someone.
Ileana Payamps Sep 2017
It all starts with a Facebook friend request,
Is that guy, who’s not ashamed of himself,
He did not want to treat her as a guest,  
All he probably needed was self-help.
She believed he was happily married,
Maybe something else he was looking for,
She sees how his ring he never carried,
His wife he wouldn’t value anymore.
But she was only seventeen years old,
He would talk to her like she was so grown,
None of his thoughts she could ever control,
She is so happy he left her alone.
She’s hoping this kid he has on his way,
Grows up to be a better man someday.
Ileana Payamps Sep 2017
I have been blessed with a guy sent from above
Someone who my thoughts and heart have stolen
Whose voice and presence brings joy to my days
Someone whose love I will never let go
What have I done to win someone like you?
Someone so pure, kind, and true
Whose love and care shows me every day
Someone whose patience cannot be compared
You are my answered prayer, my one true prince
You are my best friend and my guide
You are my confidence and the one
You have come to this world to lighten my life
My days I want to spend with you by my side
Happiness I want to give you until death finds me
But faith we have that heaven we will reach
for that special someone.
Ileana Payamps Sep 2017
Aveces tomamos decisiones rapidas
Y la mayoria de veces,
Esas decisiones son malas.
Aveces decimos cosas sin pensar
Y la mayoria de veces
Lo que decimos es lo incorrecto.
Aveces saltamos a conclusiones
Y la mayoria de veces
Son conclusiones incorrectas.
Aveces queremos consolar a esa persona especial
Y brindarle palabras de aliento
Pero la mayoria de veces
Lo queremos hacer en el momento equivocado.
Aveces es mejor no decidir,
no pensar,
no inventar,
no querer.
Aveces es mejor callar.
Ileana Payamps Aug 2017
Someone has suddenly come into my life,
I don’t know the reason why,
All I know is that it feels great
These feelings can’t go away for now.
With joy I start my day
Since his good morning text I read
After each “Good night” with peace I go to sleep
I wasn’t expecting one for a while
But I couldn’t be happier with another guy
It’s for the little details of imperfection that I have fallen
I love this guy to the moon and back
I am glad God chose him,
It feels like if he came right down from heaven
He has so much spirit and passion for love
He really adores the indescribable Son of God
I have no idea about what the future has in store for us
But the very best I wish for the both of us
Not only success we’ll reach
But happiness and love we’ll find
Maybe we are the ones until forever meant to be
I could not be happier with anyone else by my side
I only love you to the moon and back
that special someone.
Ileana Payamps Aug 2017
i know i'm growing up.
life has taught me many things,
things that i think are mistakes
but in reality,
they aren't...
they're just lessons,
teachings that will help me
discover who i am.
who i truly am.
who i was born to be.
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