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gray Jul 21
our cycle is a spark
this fast burn symphony always leaves me empty
i’ve tried to fill the hole with every fuel i can think of
your eyes are the only thing that make me ignite
sickly and surviving in a constant state of smolder
honey, we can’t keep living like we’re fireproof
gray May 14
12:33 am
sitting on the front of a subaru
it’s rotting from the outside in
im screaming in the same direction
it’s all centered
everything i feel is inside me and i won’t let it out
it’s my best friends birthday
i told her i loved her and i meant it
just a moment frozen in words
gray Apr 24
will i accept my surface level flaws
my blatant laziness and worrisome nature
the too tired slack in my skin
a body that curves and hugs my bones imperfectly
will i let my self perceived doubt control my thoughts
maybe i will today
but tomorrow i am beautiful
i am soft
i am sorrow
i am new
gray Apr 1
thoughts ricochet off the outer lining of my brain at 4 am
the rupture is deafening yet my family sleeps softly in the other room
the recoil is my seized sense of self
double vision leads to destruction
intrusive and impulsive
those are the words i’ll use tomorrow when i apologize to myself in the mirror
however apology implies regret
and when the quiet night takes its toll
the morning dew will wash away my midnight sin
getting through the apocalyptic am hours
gray Mar 30
the girl who never had it all felt numb every sunday evening
because another week had passed and she still wasn’t living
a clockwork routine of staccato
detached from reality
the build up is beautiful
but when you only give half of your heart the ****** is just another week gone
a monday meltdown of never finding your place
touch starvation
for me by me
gray Mar 29
she preaches about quitting smoking while lighting a cigarette in her mouth
i’ve never met a person who reminds me more of the sun
vibrant pastels and hair bleach
red lipstick and fur coats
this type of love lasts a lifetime
fleet wood mac hums to the tune of our nicotine fueled conversations
it feels good to be the ones you love
for my best friend
gray Mar 28
writing poetry gets harder everyday
when you’re living your own story how do you put it into words?
describe the moon glow in a phrase
i can’t articulate what it feels like to live and not just survive
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