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John McCafferty Dec 2020
Orbital cycles continue in silence
Clues encoded below our surface
Assurances often issued in service

Expectations setting precedent
Placed in systems held with relevance
Are we persuasive to suggested events
Recognisable feelings sense ahead

Onion layers all revealing
Who are the fools inside of you
Step back into receptive thought
To make knowledgeable judgement calls
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
aniket nikhade Sep 2015
Assurances will not make any kind of difference, what a good performace will make
Word of advice will suffice in the present, however not good enough for the future
Better learn from your own mistakes
Learn to accept them
Later also learn how to correct them
Gain an experience of your own
Enrich your experience
Avoid same old mistakes
Learn from new mistakes
See to it, make sure
Every new mistake adds to your experience
As and when you learn from a new mistake

Rise in level of experience will enhance the level of confidence
Definitely the ability to take risk depends upon level of experience
A setback or two must not deter the level of confidence
Experiences from past will rescue when steps are taken in the right direction

In a moment or two
Things never settle
Efforts need to be made for everything to get settled
Confidence and experience serve as a key for taking steps in the right direction

Think in the present
Think about yourself
Think about your willingness to go an extra mile as and when required
Think about all the efforts that you make
Think and focus in the present,
Better to concentrate on the present

Pretty simple
Life becomes pretty simple, if you are a good listener
Listen to the rest of the world, but always have a voice of your own
Over a period of time it will bring a sea difference in your life
Just wait and have patience
Wait for the right moment of time to come.

Hope never fades away in life since expectations get built up over a period of time
Be truthful to yourself
Be honest
Hope will always remain an eternal part of your life
As and when expectations are met and even when expectations are not met
In either ways, life continues since success and failure has always been part of everyone’s life.

— The End —