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Annie Mar 2020
Faithless, I walk through the night
Yet by a free will of my own
I broke all of my previous ties
Yet I don´t walk alone
I´m side by side with those I chose
With everyone I care for
With everyone I´m close

For those, I´m fierce to fight for
For those I try to change
Though maybe they are different
Though maybe they are strange
But they can be, all I am not
And all they value, they hold true
So everything I do, I do
To keep them safe and sound
Team free will ftw!
Morgan Mercury May 2014
I'm bleeding out
and all you do is watch me drain.
I gave you my heart
but you've got the devil in your soul,
so you tore it apart,
piece by piece.
I'm left with nothing but the stars
So I drink to wash away the pain it brings.

I'm your **** of the night,
but not if this drink does it first.
I'm already half drained.
All I ever gave you was everything
from the very beginning
and now you've thrown it all away.

You were once my brother
and I still believe underneath that skin,
and all your sins you're still human.
You were once holy and sane
but it's hidden somewhere lost in the dark.

All I do is drink your poison.
I let it consume me.
Every inch of my body
until I'm finally able to feel nothing.
Only then will my heart stop aching
and my body stops bleeding.
I greet the dark like it's a friend
that helped me escape.
I'm no longer here to see what happens next.
I'm gone and buried away.
My last drink was the most bitter
but it was such a relief.
Dean Winchester & Soulless!Sam Winchester
Morgan Mercury Aug 2013
You told me that you used to be a king.
You showed me your crown but it was only a pile of ashes.
You showed me a history book, from an abandoned library, with your story ripped out from the seams.

I traced the edges of the pages and felt your past on the end of my fingertips.
I know it's been so long but the thought still brings you to your knees.

You said you had to watch the sky fall for hours and hours and hours that evening.
You were so close to the stars, and you told me how you used to talk to them during the night.
You used to live with them, you told me.

Everyone thought you were crazy but I could see in your eyes, they were family.
But you witnessed their deaths.
Wings couldn't help you
gravity has betrayed you.

It's time to stop holding your breath and just let it fall out.
Sweetness sings a lullaby you forbid to listen to.
You believe that nothing will ever be as sweet as your past.
No love can replace, for you lost all your brothers and sisters that night
so you have nothing to lose.
No secrets,
no family
just you.
Morgan Mercury Jul 2013
This has all just been a game
one you can't win,
but you're forced to play.

The game keeper has got your
beloved ones around his finger.
A king in a devil's costume.
He calls the shots and makes the moves.
And it can be 'game over' for them
with just a roll of the dice.

In a ring of fire,
that no water can put out,
I watch suicides all around me.
A jump from up high, a shot to the head,
a dive in the water never to be seen again.

In this game there is no survivors but
there is one victor.
He sits and waits for us to fall.
He sits and stays watching the heroes die.
Watch them fall like flies
into the never ending hole in the ground.

I'll be watching my own death tonight.
I'll be dead before the day is done.
I'll be running with the demons at sunrise.
I'll because a slave to his kingdom
because that's where they all go.
Deep though the hole centered on the ground.
Dean Winchester
envydean Nov 2015
He’s all green eyes
The type that sparkle
In the early morning sun
That reflect with love
And bravery and protection

He’s all light freckles
That dance across
His nose and cheeks
That can be counted
As galaxies in the universe

He’s all lean muscle
The kind that is
Built naturally
From years of hunting
And fighting evil things

He’s all sadness and defeat
After losing his brother
Just one too many times
And losing all he loves
All the **** time

He’s all Winchester
Stubborn and selfless
Damaged and dangerous
Protective and brave
He’s Dean Winchester
written for @deanyw on Tumblr for winning my November Blog of the Month :)
envydean Oct 2015
There’s blood on his hands
Not that anyone can see
It’s the blood of the innocent
More blood than he could foresee

It’s been years and years
Of fighting and killing
Evil monsters and demons
To **** them, he’s more willing

His hands hold the weapons
With a strong and firm grip
He can slice off a head
Into evil he’ll empty a clip

His hands are calloused
From digging grave after grave
He’ll shake others’ hands
They’re soft, it’s what he craves
Written for @literallyjensen on Tumblr :) The prompt was Dean Winchester and his hands :)
envydean Sep 2015
My Soul is bound to a demon
I can feel its force
Twisting and turning
Roping its way around my heart

My Soul is bound to a demon
It sent me to Hell
Yet here I am still on Earth
Though I cannot control it

My Soul is bound to a demon
The darkness within me
I shall never let it take me
I will fight until I am free

My Soul is bound to a demon
But my Soul wants to break free
Written because I was inspired when I was making a graphic and I also needed some words for said graphic so here we are :)
Valeria S May 2015
She was the sun and the moon,
and everything in between
even the sea, even the breeze
even the sycamore trees
she could've lived, she could've lived
mark down my words
her death was not meant
her death was not owed.
eve victoria Apr 2015
i am a killer with good intentions, angel
you saw as your wings held back the nightmares
you fell from heaven as i crawled from hell
but against all odds, you're the one who cares

sometimes angels miss heaven and safety
but i will make this place your second home
even if you've been feeling lost lately
i promise you will never feel alone

if i **** you one day please forgive me
the poison runs black through my veins on some days
i can control it if it's you i see
but sometimes i can't see past the mad daze

but when my eyes open, i see what i've done
that's when the real godly war has begun.
this was for my english homework oops just hoping my teacher sees it as 'religious imagery' and doesn't realise i am talking about a literal angel oops
Morgan Mercury May 2014
We've been running with blistered feet
and weak knees for centuries.
Yes, we've come so far
but no one ever said it would be this hard.

Just lay your head to rest
you have run enough.
I've got your hand and I'm holding it tight.
You're all I have in this world
so I won't ever let go.

Don't you cry no more
because you gave your all.
It's just this time god wasn't so kind.
You put up a good fight and I'm so proud of you.

You'll finally be at peace
when these dark days are behind you.
You slayed your demons and monsters.
You did your job and you did it well.

Don't worry too much, brother,
because I won't be able to live in this world too long without you.
I'll follow you down the path and into the dark.
I won't let you die alone.
On the other side we'll just drive down the endless road back home, or god knows where.
We would always dream of tomorrow
but this time tomorrow never came.

We gave our live's to protect others.
We've come so far up the mountain
just this time got caught in the landslide
and fell all the way back down.
But look how far we got.
Look how much we've done.
Look at how many lives we've saved.
We're just two brothers born from the fire
but this is where our lives end.

I look back and see all decay,
but I won't apologize
I did my job.
We saved lives and protected the land.
We always stood tall
no matter how hard we'd fall.
I'm proud of you.
I'm proud of us.
Dean & Sam Winchester

— The End —