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Johnny walker Dec 2018
Sometimes when can't sleep at night listening
to the only sounds that
of those In my
Mind overactive to much going on like a carousel
round and round It goes
faster and faster can't focus
Try to stop It but won't stop
can't get off all memories of my past flashing by so fast but
gone by In the blink of an eye
Desperately trying to stop at a favourite moment In my life
It won't allow me eventually I fall Into sleep
my carousel ride over for tonight
When I can't sleep my mind Is like a carousel going round and round
MacKenzie Warren Oct 2018
my world hasn't stopped spinning since you left
diagnosed with vertigo
a constant whirl of hazel eyes
a monotone voice on replay
a skipping record in my head
unsure of which direction i'm going
one second i'm next to you in bed
wrapped in white sheets
your breath hot against the back of my neck
and the next
i'm surrounded by darkness
i turn for you and
i sink deeper into this empty bed
love becoming a word covered in dust
i am covered in dust
trapped in the memories of yesterday
trapped in my own head
constantly spinning
Maya Oct 2018
the word for not changing is
and the word for constant change is chaos
and the word for swinging wildly between the two is
KM Hanslik Oct 2018
Don't you wanna
take the light out of my eyes
doesn't the cold air make you wanna
spread me out into the thinnest version of myself?
Water-down, thinnest version
I think the other player's winning
I think my head is still spinning
bring out something warm in me.
Bubu Aug 2018
I’m stuck up on the deck
I took a acid trip
I put it behind my eyelids
I’m stuck on the deck
Looking down on the busy Courtney place
There’s a million taxis flying past
Or maybe my heads in space
Somebody should probably take me out of this place
I’m lost behind these eyes of mine
I’m ****** outta my mind
I probably shouldn’t of taken that E beforehand
Shoulda just stuck to smoking **** on the way down
Heaps of people talking to me
I can’t say a thing
My eyes are starting to sting
My mind resumes to ping
Amanda Aug 2018
Dated a fool once
Made me fall in love
I believed he was
An angel sent from above

He might have been
For someone besides me
Left the day before
The date of our first anniversary

Time was going to **** us
As does nearly everything
I knew that at the time
It didn't stop the sting

This girl I became
Because what you said
Was reluctant and hollow inside
Emotionally but not physically dead

You are born with loneliness
But when you find
Someone to hold hands with
It is hard to break the bind

Things that were good
Now are not there at all
Spinning down, down, down
You are why I fall
Before Alice could get to wonderland she had to fall
Knit Personality Jul 2018
He spins around &
keeps on spinning
& spinning & spin-
ning & spinning &
spinning & spin-
ning & spinning &
spinning & spinning
& spinning & spin-
ning & spinning &
then he vomits while
spinning & spinning
& spinning & spin-
ning & spinning &
spinning & spinning
& spinning & spin-
ning & spinning &
then he falls down.

mjad Jun 2018
A shadow dances across the hall
You panic and I laugh
"Babe, it was just the cat,"
You roll your eyes and fidget
Pause kissing me for a minute
"It could have been your parents,"
I pull your chin down to mine
Wrap my legs around you tight
"If it was I wouldn't mind,
they'd be happy to see me with a boy so fine,"
The smile returns to your face
You grab my legs and lift me up
"Hold on to me tight enough,"
Spinning around spooked the cat this time
All it saw was our shadows disappear into the night time
Hannah Christina May 2018
the earth spins around
one thousand miles an hour
and we can not tell
A haiku.  I pronounce "hour" as two syllables to keep the 5/7/5/ rule, but I know some people pronounce it as one.  I could have made it "one thousand miles every hour."  ???
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