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All things to all men.
Take me to two thousand words.
And send me in orbit so fast.
Tannhauser Gate bound.
Blade Runner esque times ahead.
Paradise on fire.
Lee Jun 28
blank space --  a canvas, or a summary?
ibkreator Jun 27
missing pieces

be the very essence
to fill my empty
i’ve always loved reading about outer space,
the planets,
the stars,
the moons.

little did I know,
I only need to be with you,
to experience zero gravity.
haven’t written in awhile, came up with this off the top of my head
Paul Butters Jun 25
The breathtaking wonders of the universe
Orgasmically explode:
Trillions of stars,
Blindingly bright
With black light.

Yes, as we can see
But a glimpse
Of their light.
So without US,
All is black
And might as well
Not exist.

We are Vital.
With Us at least
Some light is seen
And admired.
The wonders of our world
And sky
Are acknowledged
And felt
And thought about.

Yet who are “We”?
We are all sentient beings –
Not just humans:
All living things with brains
From ants to whales.

It’s worth remembering that.

Paul Butters

© PB 25\6\2020.
Here I go again.......
eña Jun 24
The burden, that heavy feeling came without a greeting. It was just here and not ready to succumb.
The towers of books and paper and the flashing technology were once part of a structure. The fixed structure that made me feel comfortable but was suddenly gone.
At first, it felt like something found its way inside my room and tore down everything it touched. The towers fell. There was no structure anymore.
But as time passed, I realized that the towers did not fall. No, the towers grew. They grew and took the space that I desperately needed. The walls that I always felt so comfortable in, that were a place of relaxation and were part of my structured daily life, turned to a space where I feel cornered and anxious. Never could I have imagined that a virus is capable of taking away space.
Just some thoughts about the situation while in quarantine. Normal things, normal rooms suddenly became my source of fear. A fear, a burden that I don’t want to experience again.
Psychostasis Jun 24
I was once a Comet
Racing through space in a blind fury
Towards some unknown goal that was so much bigger than I
That I stay trapped in an orbit so super massive
Everywhere I go and everything I see becomes the first time I've seen it

I was once a Comet.
My light burned so brightly everyone within hundreds of thousands of miles could see
And they watched as I accelerated with joy and pride in their hearts
Making wishes and hoping the universe grants it

I was once a Comet
And because I was unable to see myself
I believed them when they said I was on fire
That I was some ever burning torch
Destined to give my light for millennia.

I was once a Comet
And as I traveled, my mass decreased
Bits of stone and ice were lost as my stardust began to strike stagnant meteors and debris
I began to slow
My light became dim

I no longer receive the wishes of the people.
Their cries of pride and joy are a ghost to me now
A shadow of a phantom

I no longer feel the warmth from my travels
And as my light fades
And I blend into the eternal, ever stretching black sheet that is our universe
I will always remember
I was once a Comet.
Soloy Jun 23
-- . .-.. --- -.. .. . ...
My soft yearning gaze upon your emanating presence
fills my heart to the brim with appreciation
Of your beauty, the lines of your face like
superlunary threads woven together in fractals;
an instantiation of geometric perfection.
Like æther, the material of celestial spheres,
creating a passage
that connects the edge of one to the other.
Transmitting a frequency that channels my heart with love;  of the
warm embrace of your beauté

Your beauty
like music
that feeds
my lost soul
I pay for it with time
like a bridge to traverse between dimensions

For this passage is not physical
but a liminal space
when I close my eyes
and think of you.
Kelly Lin Jun 19
let us adore this universe of ours
as we wish upon
a shooting stargazer lily
who collides with our world
bringing about blossoms
and pink springs
for days to come

let us hop between the planets
mark the moon as our own
catch the stars in our hands
explore the unknown!

let us create memories
and overfill our senses with joy
blast off our worries
into the void of space
and lie here in fields
full of pink and white orchids

this universe of ours
is so sweet
lets have fun
until the day we're gone
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