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Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2018
Hey **!
Oh my ghosh! What a day this is.
Lightning  streaks across the sky,
The clouds clap and roar,
Little lakes bubble with joy,
The rivers rumble gaily down the mountains.
Not to mention,
The trees stand with limbs akimbo,
Drenching from leaves to roots
in the lovely rain,
The birds cuddle in their nests,
All sing tra la la la.........................
For its raining, raining,raining.
K Balachandran Jul 2018
thunder rumbles loud,
rainstorm looms, waits to hit hard;
beware! rough weather!
Katie V-W Apr 2018
the stillness of the window

the leaves twinkling in the sunlight

the silence of the scene

the rumble of the washing machine
Kaija Derycke Oct 2017
**** the devil ,
my devil,
that rocked my roads to sliperry paths And Swayed my mind to rumble

**** my devil,
the devil, who knew where to navigate a start that can bring my nerves to rebel

**** the devil,
my devil who's heart is steadfast but wil not beat to hold everything together

**** that devil,

my devil,

my rebel
Miss Clofullia Apr 2017
I just felt like writing
and the world suddenly had
no boundaries for me
and no one was looking
and the beach was the only one
that could support my feet;
and all those beautiful women
were starring in the big fat blue,
not saying a thing,
not knowing what to do,
not wanting to cry, nor to laugh..

but I guess this is what good music
does to you -
it sends signals down your spine
and, in a second,
you forget where you are
and what you're trying to accomplish -
you get to the point where you think
you are a mother ******* rock star!
You have no worries
and you know that you can play the **** out of a guitar,
on the day before the big show!
But.. when the crowd goes wild
and all of those eyes are having an ear on you,
your cave -
you become one with the guitar case -
full of sounds and, yet, so silent,
dark like an empty egg shell,
cursed to know what life is
but unable to show it to others.

There is
no wine,
no wining,
no glass eye,
no groupies,
no ice in your bucket list!

You are all alone and suddenly the world feels part of you.

There was a time when
I felt bad for people that didn't need that from me -
simple, single, solitary people, that couldn't feel a thing
and that couldn't care less if some arrogant *****,
some.. some cocky presumptuous stranger
was thinking unhappy thoughts about them.

I just wanted to write
but all I did was get farther
away from what I needed.

Now it's time to save the word world!
It's time to synchronize our watches
and go ***** out there,
with our ***** and ******* free,
uncovered by our own self consciousness
and big little lies!
Andrew Name Aug 2016
tell me something
at the end of the summer
how we've spent days
for the warm shadow of jasmine

I'm dumb in common
separated from home
one of the worst romans
in the way of his own

deceit and demise
narcissism and mice
went rumble and bumble
went crimble and crumble
Luna Craft Apr 2016
I read philosophy, not for fun, for meaning
I allow it to wrap my brain, tie it in little bows
Let Marx spell out socialism, let words lead to communism
We all live in caves, ignorant to the masses, see shadows and shout Plato
Nietzsche yells 'God is dead' in pain and alone
Religious intent allows us to believe, lies or not
Let men of a hundred years question my fate
Intimidate my senses, let me question everything
Even simple, we learned when, why and how as children
But we did not experience true questioning
Whether we truly chose to believe or not, I still don't know
Question my faith, my thoughts, my feelings
Let my words shatter out
Fall apart
Scarlet Keiller Mar 2016
The rumbling of the coming earthquake
echoes beneath my surface,
threatening the very idea of normality.
~~ Writing poetry for you could never be more incredible, even if I may collapse with every word I write. ~~
Poetic T Feb 2015
I was playing, jumping up and
Down, I was cartwheeling
Right side up
Upside down,
I heard a noise, I heard a grumble
Was it thunder
The sky Is blue??
Where did that noise come from
Was it you.
I walked along, and heard it again
I looked under my jumper
There it goes again.
Are you
To me, what do want, speak up
I don't speak belly?
I do feel hungry though,
Is it that what you want,
Is that which you need.
Home we go, moving fast,
Still talking each louder than the last.
"I need you MUMMY"
"I need you DADDY"
My belly has been talking
Its telling me its hungry,
Like thunder a rumbling rolls
Around my empty tum,
"Goodness me"
"Goodness you"
I'll make you both a sandwich
Make both you happy.
"Thanks mummy"
"Tummy said thanks too"
Grumble went my tum
As both of us were filled with
It was good tasting,
And filled my taste buds as
Well as a friend that
Of his need to be filled up too.
"Each chew"
"Each swallow"
"Quieter than the last"
I had eaten my sandwich
Crusts and all. My belly vibrated, I think
It was a sleep, I felt much better now I had something
To eat. Empty plate that's good to see,
How are you both?
"Mummy we are very happy"
With a grin I rubbed my tummy,
My belly just spoke
My belly has a need
"What is that little man"
Grinning ear to ear,
Is that you talking or tummy rumbling again,
My belly just likes to be full for me to eat.
Another of my kids stories series
Fah Nov 2014
laughing at myself
silencing my grief
as the ashes of my death filled childhood are dispersed into the breeze
so i can breathe                           a     non-smoke filled sigh of relief
laughing at myself
as the morbidity slips away along with the anxiousness of a root chakra
disturbed in growth
whilst my worries of enough       are quelled with enough                      on my plate
and beautiful places to sleep
laughing at myself
visions of my dreams cast far into the future are coming back at me thru
the freed up space that still smells a little of pain
but is dotted by ethereal rainbows like the room of a tibetan monk after the Rainbow Body 'phenonmanah' has taken place
i am laughing at myself
in no forced manner
as the lightness fills my being
a bountiful glow

i laugh at myself
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