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Wesley S Oct 2020
Hearing our favorite tunes
It all just runs in my head in pain
In this heartbreak, here in its dunes
The memories surround me again
All the times you said "I'll be here."
When in truth you wanted to be anywhere else
But know this, my love will be there
Even if it hurts and hope of "us" melts
You helped me up
When in life I fell
Saving me from death's cup
But even after the love I tell
It hurts it didn't work out
But I know it's for the better
Before things got bad on this route
Even if I can't send a letter
Know I will always love you
Because you were a heaven sent light
I don't know what else to do
Because revenge isn't right
But neither is letting my emotions drown me
So know my dove
I hope success is what you'll see
Because you will always be my love
Wesley S Oct 2020
Gather one, gather all
Come in to this very ball
No matter if thy gentlemen tall
Or thy lady of a stature small
Everyone will dance this glorious night
Where a pair will meet the prize of light
So admire thy partner ladies and gentlemen, and lay in their sight

With a simple beat, we'll begin with a slow pace
Do no fear, this is no race
Gaze into their masked face
And feel a piece of being free
Or what whatever it is, it doesn't concern me
Now together guide thy partner on the beat of one, two, three

Faster now, let the beat take hold
Twirl if you may if my voice got you sold
Fans and hands, together be bold
The night is young, its you and thy partner
You feel your body move, why not dance a bit longer
Beating hearts, painting in the air, don't let that bother
It is time go faster, don't worry the end is near
Besides, with everything you hear
Why, it would bring a tear
If you wish to end this chance
A time to truly dance
So with another stance
Follow the beat of four, five, six
Tired now? Remember when you came, remember the Styx
Your mind may say. its big trick, just remember even your mind is a nix

Heavily you breathe
Just imagine your drinking from Lethe
Know I sheathe
You and thy partner
You may hear people fall to the altar
But dance a bit longer
Because it is too late
To release your anger and hate
Because you are in the wheel of fate
Wesley S Oct 2020
A Japanese Haiku :

Among the Onsen

Embrace the water's heat dove

A spring warm in snow
Wesley S Oct 2020
Be careful of the words you speak
For you may have to walk those very words
If you don't, the respect you seek
Will be lost to the birds
And without trust you'll fall weak
For the deer is stronger in the herd
So through the week
Remember to walk your words
Wesley S Oct 2020
It seems so easy
Something we can do endlessly
But in truth while air can get into my lungs
Like at times words don't form from our tonuges
Sometimes even if we drink from Lethe
Air escapes and we can't seem to breathe
Especially in times we can't seem to function
And can't reach our intuition

It seems so easy
Like we can do it tirelessly
But even in times so fine
The air escapes these lungs of mine
Even with the sun we can find
Troubles never truly leave the mind
Sores never disappear completely
So in something that seems to easy
We just can't at times
Even with the luck of 7 dimes
Just simply in a state of seethe
Its hard to breathe

— The End —