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Osiria Melody Nov 2019
Come one, come all
To the circus that shall make you enthralled
Get thrown into the fiery rings of lecture halls
And catapult through a cannon of adulting

Come one, come all
To the circus of pulling all-nighters in awe
Get thrown into the trapeze of feeling small
And catapult through student loans defaulting?

Come one, come all
To the circus that shall make you appalled
Get thrown across like a rag doll hitting a wall
And catapult through résumés that seem insulting

Chant this self-deprecating mantra
Oh ****, will I ever amount to anything?

You’re the performer, after all
This circus is an emotional, physical, and financial risk
I know that it would be ironic for me to say this,
But college is overrated

current mood be like....
(I ain't against the education system.)
Rose Who Knows Oct 2018
Treading water
so calm and peaceful
tranquil water



as if the water was flowing
to the tempo of my heart


my tranquil waters are disrupted
something is not right
the water slides past my ears
I am jostled out of my daydream

the ripples turn into waves
they want to engulf me
feel me tumble in their depth
and feel me gasp for
I am in my last semester of college and this is how I feel.
Cat Lynn Aug 2018
Every class I walked into, was a new book for me to read...
Terror had an aim on me...

and with time, it struck...

Numbness bathed me as I stepped into another Dimension, out and beyond my comfort zone

People that surrounded me, blinded my eyes, for this was a community of uncomfortable brightness, colors, and laughter.

I wanted to disintegrate into a shadow and fall right through the floor... and allow my soul to shrink and disappear.

For I stepped into an atmosphere that was unfamiliar to me...

I always looked down, for I felt like a prisoner of fear... for this is all a New World, a New Beginning for me...

I can't back down from this challenge, I'm already here...
For English today, we were supposed to write about what our first day of the College semester felt like... this was what I wrote... thought it was worth posting.
Äŧül Jan 2017
The desired gene could be found
In each cell of the body,
But it expresses positively in few cells.

A trefoil factor encoding gene I mean,
It is found in the intestine
TFF1 is found exclusively in the intestine.

TFF1 is also known as pS2
Meaning protein for specificity 2,
2nd gene discovered for specificity protein.

TFF1 protects gastrointestinal mucosa,
From any injuries that may result
Out of pathogenic invasion.

The trefoil factor 2 encoding gene
Is also found in the intestine
But TFF2 plays a different role in the body.

TFF2 is also known as pS1
Meaning protein for specificity 1,
1st gene discovered for specificity protein.

TFF2 protects gastrointestinal mucosa,
From any cancer that may result
Out of oncogenic activity.

And the third trefoil factor encoding gene,
It is only expressed in the female womb
But TFF3 is crucial for a successful pregnancy.

I love my field of study very much
And I respect my major guide,
Dr Ashok Kumar Mohanty, he is so wise.
Genes translate into proteins which are crucial for life.
Also needs to be mentioned is Dr Suman Chaudhary who helps me greatly in following the directions by Dr Mohanty.
My HP Poem #1386
©Atul Kaushal
Kelsey Lauren Jan 2017
It's the end of the semester.
It brings along all the pressure.
To pass my exams.
I really hate this sick program.
And thus,
The teachers throw stuff on us.
They realize they don't have enough,
In the stupid grade book.
To make it look,
Like we've actually been learning.
It's actually quite concerning.
Especially since it's an education system.
But whatever, next semester will be a repetition.
I can't do anything about it.
You'd think that'd help my stress levels a bit.
A bit different vibe from this one then my normal ones... Atleast I think... But it's been how I've been feeling so why not?
L Marie Mar 2016
Education, they say
Sets free the mind
Only it has, ironically
Imprisoned mine.
I have lost my heart
Somewhere on this path,
Leaving my mind
Alone, in wrath
As it struggles to
One day forgive itself,
Then comes to dwindle
Through grief; it wilts.
Äŧül Dec 2015
Such is my next exam on Saturday,
Yes I mean tomorrow.

Yes, extra time I do get for writing,
Because I'm partially disabled.

But even in extra time I barely manage it.

My HP Poem #935
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Dec 2015
The first buffalo IVFed in India,
And the world is named Pratham.

It was produced by Hand-Guided Cloning technique,
By the Animal Biotechnology scientists here at NDRI.

High precision was not enough,
100% accuracy was the need here.

But now they have developed techniques using micromanipulator,
Still it requires expertise and it's only a tad bit convenient & easier.

The youngest cloned buffalo born is named Rajat,
It is both alive since July 23, 2014 and also kickin' its keepers.
NDRI - the locally popular acronym for National Dairy Research Institute, is both my home since childhood and my M.Tech (Animal Biotechnology) Deemed University college.

Pratham means 'first' in Sanskrit.

My HP Poem #933
©Atul Kaushal
Jag går på semester idag
Som en fågel i en bur
Håller minnet mig kedjad
Ingenting är som det brukade vara

Solen går ner bakom havet
Just som mina känslor släpper
Jag simmer i en strömvirvel
Utan hopp om samling

Jag är nykter idag
Hon har tagit bort mitt minne
Äntligen är jag fri från kedjorna
Men mina vingar fungerar inte
This is a poem I wrote back in October. It also features in a song which can be listened to here:
Bria Brandt Sep 2014
I get bad grades
I got a good head
And a squeaky bed

— The End —