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Myemail Mar 2019
Rest your head
Today you did your part

Wake on the morrow
Another day to start

When you get down
Tell yourself this:

Today is the struggle
Tomorrow is bliss
parie Mar 2019
tears becoming romantic with
last night's eyeliner - black streaks
trickling down olive-skinned faces.

repeated self-talks. imperfect bodies.
heart's been broken for years, and yet the
bags under my eyes don't have enough
capacity to be able to carry the shattered
She sat beside herself and asked,
“Do you know where this feeling’s from?”
Her self stared back at her, unmasked,
And wondered who she had become.

Who but herself could ever know,
These things she thought that she once knew?
“I barely know you now, and so,
When was the last time you were you?”

The two of them, just her and her,
Each tried her best to understand.
Her self said, “Why are you so sure
You’re not exactly who you planned?”

“I wanted to be you instead,
Before you filled me with regret.”
Her wounded self smiled back and said,
“Perhaps you haven’t been you yet.”
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Rowan S Jan 2019
My feelings leak
Through this hand, through this pen
My feelings crave
For reprieve, for an end
To echoed voices
And venomous critics

But maybe
This is all I've got for today. And I've been trying to twist this one around for a while now.
Rowan S Jan 2019
I want to change me
Too bad I'm a piece of sh*t
My brain tells me this
*using asterisks because apparently the "normal settings" won't allow profanity in your feed unless you change it in your settings*
Hannah Christina Jul 2018
Sometimes a voice in your head will tell you that you are a disappointment.  Look that thing in the eye and say, "You're a disappointment!"

Then realize that you are still shouting negative things at yourself in the mirror.  Second thought, don't.  Please don't take advice like this from me.
Poetry is ART.
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