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Eloisa 5d
Don't focus on how many times you felt
and left behind.

Instead, think of how many times you              
stood up,
moved on,
took the courage to let go,
and lived again.
We took different paths and
I’m exhausted from trying to find
Some trace of you
In my thoughts
And in my dreams
But at least
I’m not running from myself
With a look of confusion on my face
But no confusion in my heart
I realized I wanted to write again
Like a man emerging from a cloud of depression
I wanted to live again.
I realized I could write again
Like someone standing after years of paralysis,
I could move freely once more.
I had to write again
Like I had to breathe-
Words streamed out
As naturally as exhalations from my chest
And as urgently as water breaking river banks

And I knew it was because I had left you and found me.
I am so good
At looking at their eyes
And seeing the stars

I am so good
At holding their hand
And feeling sparks

So good at loving
So good at lying

I am so in love with the idea
Of loving
The idea of being held
That my heart would latch on
To the first person to hold my vulnerability

And yet, when I look in the mirror
I see no love in myself
No love for myself
No love for anybody else
Note to self: stop telling yourself you're in love.
Never forget
You are the masterpiece,
You are the golden frame that surrounds it,
You are the mansion that houses all art!
Your soul is the proprietor of all the magic and value in the world,
You own it and to dispense of it
Would be a crime of epic proportions.
In these walls of skin and bone
I house a sacred soul
An inquisitive mind
And noble conscience
I feed it daily with nurturing thoughts
I tend to its needs like a caring mother
I have built these walls on a strong foundation
But painted it in soft shades of self love

I have built a home that I love coming back to;
A shelter when storms are brewing
A place I never grow tired of
Yet A place that could still use touch ups every day

And after years of building and refining-
I think I’d like to welcome you in.
I want to know
how to love
my self whole,
so no one else
can love me
half meant.

I want to know
how to walk around
not feeling incomplete;
to not have to seek validation
in anyone else’s hands
but my own.

I want to hold my head up high,
and my heart on my sleeves.
I no longer want to fear
having someone take it away
only to never see it’s worth;
because I do.

I want to know
how to live my life,
without the hurt.

I want to heal,
and love my self,
enough to bring out
the courage
to take life head on.
That which weighs down your soul
set it free
Those who push you away
let them go
When the storm comes and you can't escape
And when the silences becomes too much
Take care of yourself.
Madison 7d
I'm not her.

Don't tell me that's not what you want me to be.

Even if it's true, I still see things in your eyes

For a moment, strange and wistful

Years younger

Then, brightly pain-filled

Once you're reminded of this here-and-now land

Where I, as you know me

Am the one you hold in your arms

And try your damndest to love.

I'm not her

And that is something I'm trying not only to accept

But embrace.

If that's something you can't do

Well, --

Stop embracing me.
guess who's back? :)

this poem is directed at one person in particular: me, myself, and i.
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