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Umi Sep 2018
The morning glow from my dreams was more than just a sunrise,
Roaring, scattering across the sky the rays of light cut through the darkness with my hopes and what I had wished for in the future,
Its brilliance, unmatched by anything ever seen before, breaking away all misery stored inside peoples hearts, burning their sadness to dust,
If just for a moment, this could have been heaven for all whom bear the love of light as it fills the atmosphere with its golden glow,
But this day never came for me, as my eyes slowly closed and accepted the wish to be left in the somber reality of the realm of the dead, my vision had long bid me farewell at this point, I was alone,
But even if my closed eyes seal me off from the delight one may experience everyday in this beautiful earth and all its blessings,
Feeling my skin warming up by the company of the sun when it greets us in the morning, full of passion cheer and determination,
I don't think I care about having neither wish granted or even being here in this loitering darkness with no light at the end of the tunnel,
Because the delight sealed in my heart always breaks free with just a little bit of sunlight.

~ Umi
Isaac Aug 2018
My youth is nearly sealed,
A letter for anyone to read.
All my choices noted down.
God's judgement guaranteed.
I made so many mistakes,
Though I tried my very best.
Whatever challenges life gave,
I hope I passed the test.
My joy lies in being
Pottery in my creator's hands.
I know he is the only one
Who forever understands.
Written 15 August 2018

God sees us, knows us, and understands us.

For some, this is a truth that brings terror. For others, this is a truth that brings peace. To whoever is reading this, I hope and pray it is the latter.

2 Corinthians 5:10
Umi May 2018
Silent sorrow,
Cornered within the room built on the oceans very bottom,
Layers upon layers of darkness are a blanket to get used to, yet I am not alone; after all this world is filled with wonderful, various life.
Swarms of jellyfish, serene and clear shine off a little light through their glassy, slimy yet delicate bodies as they travel across my view,
In this world, the pressure is squeezingly tight, unforgiving and cruel,
But it amazes me to see, how little these animals mind about that,
The silence is cut by a distant cry, sounding awfully distorted to my poor little ears, which of course like the rest of my body, do not fit in.
On further notice, I gaze at the playful sight of a little whale and it's mother not far apart, their language, is astonishing yet so majestic,
Gathering the pieces of an old, dim dream I still cannot move out of my prison, yet my thoughts do not fade, the hope of being part of it.
After all, I am not human but, this world would roughly welcome me,
Never will I be able to return again, as a demon who was sealed away into this blue expanse of sea, I didn't belong to humanity anyway...
I can savely say, it is but a sea made of pure tranquility.

~ Umi
Poetic T Jun 2017
Even in death,
          your last words
were cremated within you.

Like a whispers
                    in a jar
rotting in your lungs.

Words were maggots
             eating away within
                         yearning for release.
Äŧül Sep 2016
What lied within your lips,
I could not read it.
What lied within your hips,
I could never treat it.
What lied within your love,
I could not sense it.
What lied within your eyes,
I could never see it.
What lied within your heart,
I could not beat it.
My HP Poem #1138
©Atul Kaushal
ShowYouLove Mar 2016
Wild weary wanderer come to me rest your heavy head
Tired hungry travelers all come to the table and be fed
When the burden is too heavy and the load too much to bear
Stay with me and know just how much I care

Come give me your doubts and worries and fears
Be assured I will answer and that I am all ears
Listen now, be still and hear the whisper faintest voice
Earnestly I seek you I call your response is a choice

Come Saint come sinner come young and old
The ends of the earth and the four winds are the flock of my fold
Come together in love and unity
Strive for greater peace and harmony

Out of the many we find a place all as one
Together turning from darkness and learning to face the sun
In a beautiful family so many strong
All find a place they can belong

There is a peace and love far beyond compare
To which, when exposed, you cannot help but share
Caught up in the world there is never enough time to do
Because it was not for the purpose of doing that I created you!

I created you for love, with love, in love from the dawn of creation
You see, I created you to be: be with others and with me in right relation

You are my children and I love you more than you can conceive
Enter into the song, join in the feast, receive and come to believe
Sense the love coursing alive and warm through your veins
In the final analysis love has won; only love remains.

You who are lost, you who have found
You who are seeking find your feet on sacred solid ground
Here there is a place of truth and light
Light a blazing beacon in the blackest night
Here is a place of refreshment and rest
Here I take you in my arms and hold you close to my chest

I have written my name upon your heart burned my word into your mind
In the Father Son and Holy Spirit you have been SIGNED

Just relax and try to let go of the ill you feel
Let me in and slowly begin to heal

I have set my SEAL upon your heart I have marked you as my own
From now on you will never be alone

I died to conquer sin and death and so DELIVER
Life in abundance and healing river

Send you out to be fishers of men

You are mine and I AM YOURS
Always and forever from present day to eternity's shores
Poetic T Jan 2016
The bells tolled in silent air, no mummers
Where uttered in haste as white cloth over
Black draped upon their figures.

On the desecrated reminisce of ash petals
That grow in this place each is picked with
Elegance so not to fracture there fragility.

A new one Is found to replace those that
Unveiled their voices on solemn oaths to words
Never to be uttered, they surrendered it t air.

Voices of blood echoed on the floor, a chastity
Forsaken and white cloth drank upon the wine
Till it had its fill, then voiced its intent in puddles.

The shaded leaf was gently dissected between fingers
And where lips blessed word, the ash sealed them with
The twine of dead embers, and they screamed silently.

Silken coverings where bestowed on the vacant realms
Of purities, in the convent of silence where the dead
Don't speak and muteness is a sound only heard.
Poetic T May 2015
whispers stay hidden
secrets verified on lips
obscured never told
crystal tucker Jan 2015
lost in love i was never found, left behind, i hide my pride.
to leave this love tears me into, wheres my savior?
i thought it was you.
i feel ive been condemned for my sins, with your name used to lock me in this den.
ulgy girl in the devils den, where are u now my favorite sin?
no more! do not condemn,please cover me in light dont let the dark get in.
keep one promise, to love me like u thought for my soul has already been bought,thank u for the lessons sometimes the teacher taught and loses, this has been my fake bruises.
love turned into your looks at me, what do i do to make this be?
am i really to blame for this lose inside? when all i wanted was a true love and not feel blind.
anymore. without love arent we all so poor? i apoligize for my insincere, just wanted this to be clear.
had to get this out before i completely became lost as i speak now my tears are turned to frost.
im sorry i failed to set u free but i loved u unconditionally.
in some of my poems i speak of my favorite sin or about the beautiful or ulgy girl in the devils den. These are significant to me for reasons.

— The End —