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Salmabanu Hatim Apr 2018
I was innocent,
Or was I a fool.
He smiled,
Courted me lovingly,
I gave him my love.
He cuddled and cooed,
I gave myself to him.
He cried crocodile tears,
Pretended he was in deep trouble,
He pleaded with me to help him.
I gave him my money,
I signed guarantees on his behalf.
I was a fool,
He took all,
He drives my car,
He lives in my house,
He runs my business.
I live with the homeless.
ShowYouLove Mar 2016
Wild weary wanderer come to me rest your heavy head
Tired hungry travelers all come to the table and be fed
When the burden is too heavy and the load too much to bear
Stay with me and know just how much I care

Come give me your doubts and worries and fears
Be assured I will answer and that I am all ears
Listen now, be still and hear the whisper faintest voice
Earnestly I seek you I call your response is a choice

Come Saint come sinner come young and old
The ends of the earth and the four winds are the flock of my fold
Come together in love and unity
Strive for greater peace and harmony

Out of the many we find a place all as one
Together turning from darkness and learning to face the sun
In a beautiful family so many strong
All find a place they can belong

There is a peace and love far beyond compare
To which, when exposed, you cannot help but share
Caught up in the world there is never enough time to do
Because it was not for the purpose of doing that I created you!

I created you for love, with love, in love from the dawn of creation
You see, I created you to be: be with others and with me in right relation

You are my children and I love you more than you can conceive
Enter into the song, join in the feast, receive and come to believe
Sense the love coursing alive and warm through your veins
In the final analysis love has won; only love remains.

You who are lost, you who have found
You who are seeking find your feet on sacred solid ground
Here there is a place of truth and light
Light a blazing beacon in the blackest night
Here is a place of refreshment and rest
Here I take you in my arms and hold you close to my chest

I have written my name upon your heart burned my word into your mind
In the Father Son and Holy Spirit you have been SIGNED

Just relax and try to let go of the ill you feel
Let me in and slowly begin to heal

I have set my SEAL upon your heart I have marked you as my own
From now on you will never be alone

I died to conquer sin and death and so DELIVER
Life in abundance and healing river

Send you out to be fishers of men

You are mine and I AM YOURS
Always and forever from present day to eternity's shores
Nick Moser Jan 2016
I signed my soul over to the Devil the other day.

I was ready to do his bidding, if it meant a better life for me.

But all he said to me was:

*“**** kid. What kind of idiot doesn’t know how to write in cursive?”
He should have taken the deal.
Mark Parker Jan 2016
work until the end
of a contract signed
every single time
you lose your mind

work within the confines
of utter perfection
to stop the night
of complete rejection

everything's falling apart
an arrow is plunged
straight through your heart
broken from the inside
CJ M Aug 2015
I speak a thousand words in a glance, Propose to you in a text, generally be the guy I was meant to be.
And you still love me for me.
What is it that keeps you close to me? Is it my pretend swag? My book sense? My love of expression? My eyes? All of the above, or more likely, none? I don’t know why and I don’t know how, but I won’t concern myself with it.
I love you too, although I don’t say it much and I can’t assume you kow. But it’s true, I love you too much to let you go, do too much to consider having a way out of the ways that we love each other.
~signed the lover from afar.
just another entry in the poetry journal. I'm not sure if I submitted this before, but I doubt it.

— The End —