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Sarah Mar 2018
Twisted thoughts escape his dry, cherry red lips; cracked, koolaid stained skin that admit to traumatic events unfolded.

I can’t peel my eyes away from his pale figure; a contrast to his orange get up.

The words smoothly falling out of his mouth, send shivers down my spine.
No one would consider his brain is rattling off recounts of that night while his inner friends help him remember the picture of her body that is burned into his brain- a contorted mind exposed.

Cooked flesh is the aroma he gives off and I gag, he stole my love and her smell still lingers; taunting me of an instance where I couldn’t be a hero.

The gavel pounds down and the cloaked man declares his fate.
As the newly added cold metal traps him into a life of isolation, he looks at me.
His ****** lips curl into a sneer as he is hauled back to hell.
Written 1/7/18
Sarah Mar 2018
screaming to nothingness is painful.
my throat is raw,
begging to be felt
tears masking my strength;
blinding my vision.
I cannot be heard but I yell louder.
I’m trying so hard for you.
The nothingness is your deaf ears,
my words falling onto them,
Ignoring my pleas.
Hear me.
Why won’t you listen?
Written 3/9/18
Sarah Feb 2018
Forever with you seemed infinite.
Until your eyes threatened our tomorrow,
and your hands whispered promises to a plane of skin that wasn’t mine.
Written 1/26/2018
Sarah Feb 2018
The cotton fluff from your sweater,
is stuck between my bitten down nails.
A symbol left behind from a night,
where my integrity was questioned.

Most of the marks you left are permanently scarred in my brain,
I bet your skin is tingling thinking of my touch;
scratching away at your flesh hastily.
The only reason you had to pull away,
was not because of my mantra that sounded so pleasant in your ears,
It was the pain that you couldn’t take;
though I was suffering a lot more.

You called me names because I was fighting for my safety,
the cruel reminders you hissed flooded my ears,
no one would believe me;
I’ll stay silent.
Written 2/1/18
Sarah Dec 2017
Your life is permanently etched onto your skin,
as faded colors melting like heated wax.

You're not who you are because of the markings,
the ink represents what you believe in.

The blank,
flesh canvas was provided to show off your art,
your story,
the life you have lived.
Written 12/22/2017
Sarah Dec 2017
kiss your fist and punch me
hurt me harshly
make me bleed
rip my hair
shame me publicly
**** me shamelessly
bruise my skin so you cover up your lingering, gentle touch.
for i have loved you,
and heartbreak,
has been the worst pain of them all.
written 12/22/17
Sarah Nov 2017
you have taken a strainer
to our melting *** of a nation.
you have divided us with cruel words
and just a sprinkle of hate.
Written 11/16/17
Sarah Oct 2017
the term monster is jaded by experience.
a man in a torn mask,
wielding a knife is no longer a stereotype.
movies no longer scare you,
not when your own killer is down the hall;
stabbing away at your innocence,
stealing your purity,
hurting your very being because he can.
Written 10/5/17
Sarah Oct 2017
I have tasted fear,
Bubbling up my throat,
Wearing away the linings of my insides like a plea that I just can't manage to get out.
Something blocks it,
It prevents me from yelling out,
Rather I push on,
I accept the awful taste in my mouth.

I have witnessed fear,
A sudden metallic feel,
Red slowly dropping onto the plush carpet,
Jagged breathing exposing the dark saturated mouth,
Clean the mess,
Cracked bloodstained lips wiped at like a messy chalkboard,
Erasing the anxiety away from the tip of my tongue.

I have heard fear,
Loud, languished cries,
Shrill screams like a school fire alarm reverberating down an empty corridor.
Shields rise up,
Connected to my clammy hands,
Sounds no longer penetrate my ears,
My internal drum stops beating to take a moments rest,
My heart beat is a loud mumble that is the only sound inside me.

I have felt fear,
Body tingling,
All over like a chilling gust of air rushing into a room.
It envelops me,
I can't move,
But my body shaking violently ,
Live in fear.
Written 10/5/2017
Sarah Sep 2017
your grip was always cold and harsh,
it left bruises with colors of autumn leaves,
they were beautiful on my pale skin,
your eyes were enchanting,
a piercing blue that sparked like a faulty wire,
your ideas were wild,
as wild as your hair in the early morning,
as wild as your personality,
as wild as the look in your eyes when i mess up,
i know i have done something wrong,
but your love is warmth after you make me feel cold,
you tell me you love me,
your lips whisper promises i know you cant keep,
but you love me you say,
you say you mean it,
maybe that's why i stayed,
but your love was a lot to handle,
if the love you promised me was this damaging i wouldn't have stayed,
the pale technicolor bruises have spread,
my silence makes you happy,
that faulty wire that lit up with your passion is tied tight around my neck,
the blue color of your eyes has spread onto my skin,
i cant breathe,
untie the wire,
your wild ideas have gone too far this time,
i cant.
Written 9/18/17
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