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All that I have is you
All that I have
It’s you
You let me watch all my dreams
You let me lie on you
You hold me tight every night
You let me cry on you

Don’t let me go
When they come for me
When they come for us
Don’t let me go
Haven’t had enough
Enough of us

Wrap me in your skin
Comfort me; all I need
is you under me
Stay forever here, take the warmth of me
Drenched in my tears and fears, and I
Haven’t had enough

All that I have is you
All that I have
It’s you
You let me whisper my screams
Let the time pass by on you
You blanch my red eyes
Let the hopes die on you
I give things to people
without hesitation, without expecting anything in return.
I'm happy
when people got things that they both wanted and needed and more.
I don't complain about it at all.
But when I got something
Something that was God's greatest gift for me.
Something that actually make me happy... truly happy
They all went crazy and try to take it all away from me.
Saying that I don't deserve it.
I try to hold on to it; firmly hold on to it.
It was my whole life...My happiness... My everything
But they came in and tore it all into pieces along with me.
Broken yardarm props-up splintered mast;
tilted precariously... ***** nonetheless…
long shadow cast,
washing over sun bathed desert sand.

Sandstorm battered transom,
shattered windows,
fragments of pained glass.
All at sea… sunk in an arid land.

May my desiccated bones,
find sanctuary that atones;
inside Pandora’s pine box,
toes kept warm within rotting socks,
six feet beneath carved stone.
Karissa 4d
It's not that I'm jealous

Maybe I'm mourning a life that I didn't have

You sit there pretty, not a care in the world

While I have to carry around this body that I wasn't meant to be in.
This impulsively written
Louise 4d
What do you want?
More than friends?
A lot more than friends?
I lie through my teeth;
just more than friends.
A A 5d
Sunlight beats in through the window
offensive and obscene.
I wonder what ungodly sound just awoke me,
was it only the alarm, or
was it the deafening sound of my conscious
that so disturbed me?
Upon waking, one has to ignore the weight of existence
Or drown in it's wake.
Sleep, running away from me, abandoning me,
Has led me here to this moment.
Rising out of bed, reborn from the night,
for the millionth time, and still
always questioning everything.
"What has my life brought me to,
that I must continue to wake for it,
and why is it more worthy than sleep?
Is participation in life truly necessary?
Why does each day bring with it the same
repetition I've always known?"
Sun rays never speak, never answer
The questions that morning brings.
Tupelo 5d
The morgue is filled with all
the dead faces I once wore,
I am no mortician ,
The bodies have begun to rot,
The men I once claimed to be
can no long pass for the real thing,
I wore their faces like masks,
Played the role that was asked,
Encores were demanded,
I was not prepared for this,
I am no mortician,
The bodies have begun to rot,
I guess the show goes on,
Even with broken things
I was without a map;
Searching my purpose
Stuck behind the peers;
Sitting in a Pink Taxi cab

Always stuck in the past;
Without my heart's fire,
I must of run out of gas.

All troubles on my back;
Thinking time to unpack.

With all collective items,
things in life I never had;
Penning down thoughts

In unread poem forms,
All in my old notepad.

Prayers feel their dammed;
Wellbeing isn't in demand.
Waiting to be pulled in;

Like waiting ocean sands.

So I'm riding off to nowhere;
towards a No man's land
With a lack of confidence;
As I'll get there in this,  

                       Pink Taxi cab.
Aubry 6d
Oh darling,
How truly pleasing you are
Your gaze shifts to mine unknowing
If only you knew the power you're holding
Oh how I adore those helpless eyes
It's truly a shame they do no real looking
Clip, clop you walk steadily off
No! Don't go!
Oh darling,
Don't you understand I adore you.
Or have I not made it clear?
Well allow me to demonstrate my dear
How hopelessly, helpless i've become
Please won't you let me have you
Oh for heaven's sake!
You can not just ignore me,
Love me I beg you
Oh darling,
It appears you truly are blind
Or is it just that I've stolen your eyes?
You would not return my gaze
So I forced it
What a horrible mistake I've made
But no remorse do I have for it
Smick! Smack! You try to crawl away
No! You mustn't go!
Oh darling,
I've captured you once more
Not just in my gaze, of that I am sure
It appears my ropes are too tight.
You are turning blue like the brightest of skies.
Let me tell you the sweetest of lies.
Slithering, slipping, sliding through my grasp,
Your breath is drawing fewer.
Oh darling,
What have I done?
You were my one true love,
Why did you have to fade to grey?
Should I have just admired you and stayed away?
How I miss those helpless, sightless eyes
I am the monster who destroyed you
Oh darling,
I wish I had never known you.
My boyfriend's neighbor is a monster, this is completely unrelated
Drunk on you.
I waited for you to be drunk on me too
Past the point of sobriety.
Intoxicated of what you showed me
I fell for false words and potential
The intensity
Fake imagery
Failed chemistry
Got in me but wasn’t into me
Couldn’t get the symmetry
I was drunk on you
Waited for you to be drunk on me too
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