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Zane Sep 2023
this rose unfolds itself
to rotten wilted petals
what once was brightest red
have become sharp nettles
a flower of truest beauty
now with scent of death
how akin to it i am
the tragedy of macbeth

that bravest man's story
of a slip into temptation
****** all the way home
from love's infatuation
like the King himself i feel
agast at what i have done
i split myself wide open
solely for the one

and let these insides rot
to the tune of 1612
simply for the fact
of what your gaze delved
with spring around the corner
and these loathsome dead leaves gone
change i feel i have;
this new dawn

into exactly what
i know i cannot say
for does a caterpillar know
what happens when the cocoon decays?
the butterfly that springs forth
is made from its past pain
much like i aim to be
when free of her constrain
Zane Jul 2023
how cruel a thing the passage of time;
affecting this heart with its gross paradigm
those who once laid anchors deep into my soul
seem to have departed swiftly, leaving a hole

friends, coworkers; even my last lover
all now passed, and henceforth i discover
the lonely languish that it is to be
so deeply tender to all that i see

once i read a book, it called this dés vu
and now i name this poem after it to
an awareness that all moments will turn to memory
yet another emotional accessory
Zane Jun 2023
i awake from dreams of deepest glee
a witness to you not here with me
the vivid dreamscapes of our years past
now in present, a painful contrast

my heart aches from your silhouette
a holy ghost reminder of this debt
****** upon me at age twenty-three
through my mother's tears so plain to see

work comes today so i must behave
and leave behind my depressive cave
for one day far away i will join you
and the rest of my familial crew
Zane May 2023
sweetest maiden with the sweetest eyes
my oh my, how you're the apple of mine
twirling singing each way that you go
and this oh this, is how i truly know

that runaway you have with my heart
& become the inspiration for this secret art
i string these words together with gleeful cheer
yet i cannot ever let it appear

for two lustrums separate you and me
and nothing save a royal decree
would cut what's between you & that man
who so loving holds your own hand

what to do, what to do?
with all these feelings of the 'you'
nothing, nothing is what i say
but to be in awe of you, each and every day
Zane May 2023
kindness so familiar
almost as if it is water itself
but if i were to compare your nature to a drink
i would choose lemonade;
served after a hard day laboring and sweating
the perfectly sweet relief
that is you


how i wish i could drink the love
dripping off of your lips
such sweet, pure nectar
so much to share with everyone yet
in my dizziest daydreams, meant for me
& me alone
Zane Apr 2022
this spring again; i transition
like a matter of fact or fiction
all that i was / all i can be
is laid out plainly for me to see

there's choices here
and choices there
decisions to make almost everywhere
which is right, and who is wrong?
all i know is this song:

i wish to be somewhere plain and fair
perhaps a woman with golden hair
a place that i can call my own
what's next? for her to pick up the phone
Zane Apr 2022
i feel the weight of it on these shoulders
making it hard for me to speak
it's always always boulders
raining down so i feel weak

all those places and happy spaces
misplaced guilt; a lover's touch
i recoiled my hand and you grew free
i absentee

months pass and still it weeps
nothing, nowhere, goals aside
i find myself holed up inside this keep
desperately clinging to such selfish pride

the cracks mount and the **** breaks
splilling forward; such great haste
swearing thusly it might empty
yet finding more; forever aplenty
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