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Kewayne Wadley Nov 2018
With the lines small in attendance.
We made haste,
Skipping to the front.
A ceremony of shoes,
moving inch by inch.
We felt like kids again.
Amusing ourselves before a rush of anxiety.
Being slung in the air.
Our hands and feet lifeless by our side.
Nothing but stretched nylon and belts keeping us in our seat.
The ****** of seeing her eyes light next to mine.
This was how I felt being by her side.
The anticipation of knowing that at any given moment.
A strange metamorphosis was bound to happen.
The simplest thing such as walking became that much enjoyable.
The endless patter of feet.
Pounding over and over.
Walking about,
Reviewing our love of food.
Funnel cakes, fried Oreo.
A festival of taste buds refined by hers.
An obese smile,
Both our stomachs full.
The anticipation of reaching our peak.
Let out as a loud yell, covered by the sound of laughing.
The sound of bells and dings.
Large to small plush bears & animals given to the winner of each game. 
Her being the best prize there.
Life size
mj Mar 2018
sometimes i feel hopeless
like it's never going to get better
it's been a roller coaster
of ups and downs
mostly downs
i want to get off this ride
too many hills
too many loops
too many abrupt halts
but i can't
i can't get off without hurting someone
what's one person though?
not like i have so many people
who love and adore me
who care and are concerned
i'll give this ride another chance
life is like a never ending rollercoaster
ups and downs and sideways
all i can do is go up, my friend
Madam X Nov 2017
My life is like a carousel.
This one I can't get off.
It's beautiful on the outside,
but it never ever stops.
The world is a blur now,
from spinning for years and years.
It's easy for people to say I'm fine,
when they haven't felt my tears.
Your life might be a roller coaster,
going up and down.
That's way more fun than being stuck
Spinning round and round
This is mostly written about my vertigo tbh, but I hope you find meaning in it
Maddy Byrne Aug 2014
An amusement park.
Placed off a rode in the middle of the country.
An oasis within corn and green,
Bringing light,
Bright lights;
Flashing everywhere.
The Ferrisweal was huge,
In the middle of the park,
Towering over everything else
Slowly turning.
Each car could fit four people.
They were red,
And decorated on the outside
With smiling circus animals.
A seal with a pink and white stripped tuxedo
A ball balancing on his nose
An elephant with a red hat
Running away from a mouse.
Lights on the bumper cars;
And gold,
Glitter was infused into the paint to make them sparkle.
The hiss of electricity pulsed as they moved.
Lights on the games;
And one that read “strongest man” in bold letters
Lightning bolts came off of them
Offering big and small prizes
That children wanted
And girlfriends got.
The sound of games,
Of laughter,
Loud repetitive music.
The smell of baked dough,
And powdered sugar.
Cotton candy
Everything and everyone was in motion
Running from one place to another
Giant teddy bears with bow ties
Gold fish in bags.
All moving,
All sweet,
All bright,
But on the ground
There was no light but trash
Discarded food decomposed in a puddle
Dirt and soda
A Popsicle wrapper
Covered in grime read, “Good humor”
Unwrapped lollypops;
Turned brown in the combination of grape soda and dirt,
Covered in hair.
Paper plates just floated
In the black and purple grime.
Nothing bright
Nothing sweet.
I guess the light distracts us all sometimes.
If anyone can think of a better title tell me :) also criticisms are welcome any notes  really.

— The End —