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Swathi eruvaram Aug 2016
I carried you in my womb with love
I carry you on my wrist with pride
I will carry you forever in my heart
I love you my son
  Aug 2016 Swathi eruvaram
Mike Hauser
When it comes down to it all
I'd rather be a dog
Laying in the shade all day
With nothing going on

When I want fun I'll bark and run
Chase a ball to kingdom come
Lick anyone that comes along
Mess on the floor and then play dumb

Thought about this more than some
I'd rather be a dog
My favorite pastime all day long
Gnawing on a bone

If I get bored I'll scratch myself
Being fed by someone else
With table scraps I'll gladly help
With no sane reason I'll madly yelp

If I should ever get the call
I'd rather be a dog
Short or skinny, fat or tall
I'd rather be a dog

I'd  bark if I need to go out
Sniff here and there then there about
Dig up every last inch of ground
Go heebie jeebies at the slightest sound

I've thought about this long and tall
I'd rather be a dog
Never would I be a cat
As if that's a choice at all
Swathi eruvaram Aug 2016
Few thoughts make me cry
Few thoughts make me sigh
Few thoughts make me feel why
I wish I could stop thinking
The more I think, I keep sinking
Bad memories are making my brain itching
Swathi eruvaram Aug 2016
When will you come
I hate to wait
Why is it taking you so long
I think its late
Mom says you are six months away
I wish to celebrate
So, come soon
I am waiting...
My son is waiting to celebrate his next birthday
Swathi eruvaram Jan 2016
Quiet everyone
Atleast for a moment
Walk away from my thoughts
For once...
I want
My mind to think for me
My heart to beat for me
I am tired of all the thoughts that twist my brain
  Nov 2015 Swathi eruvaram
Lora Lee
And I release you
To the winds
From whence you came
I wish you
A good life
Free from pain
I hope and pray
That you will
remember our love
because it was real…
a beautiful gift
from the stars above
My love for you
Still aches
In my heart…
For you have so cruelly
torn us apart
we planted
a beautiful seed
Born of love, of want
Of lust, of need
Now I look
to the heavens above
and pray for healing,
for you have twisted
the knife in my soul
and my heart
is bleeding
Oct. 10 2015
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