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Lotus May May 20
I keep wondering why
it’s so hard to be human
happiness is fleeting and
we can’t win against time
we chase after the sun only
to burn at the last second
we get attached to what
we will inevitably lose
we’re already at the mercy
of our own minds yet
we keep hurting each other
it’s so hard to be human and
I keep wondering why
Sh Dec 2019
Give me something to drown into.

A branch to let go as I fall into the sweet sugary river,
or an ill advised drink to take as medicine.

A way to focus solely on my breath and nothing else,
an escape from the thoughts that plague my restless mind.

Let me watch the bubbles forming from my mouth, floating up as I go down.
Black space to remind me of peace among the chaos.

Let me forget all the reasons I fell,
the anxiety and gloom that never left my bones.

Let them drift away as numbness take their place.
Slightly Lovely Jun 2019
You ask me to stay young, but think maturely,
You want me to behave like an adult but treat me like a child,
You expect me to be emotional, but shut me down when I am.

You take my words as stupid and irrational,
when all my teachers listen.
Why would you even send me to school,
if you won't listen to my educated beliefs?

My friends say I'm smart and pretty and kind, responsible and fun
My family treats me like I'm rebellious and stupid.
And my sister calls me fat and mean and boring.
It's so hard to like what I am when everyone I love,
tells me different information.
Cat Fiske May 2015
Life is hard
don't let yourself get down,
stand proud,

— The End —