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Isabel María Dec 2019
Somos eso último que pensamos antes de dormir,
eso que nos inquieta nada más despertar.

Somos sueños, ideas y realidad,
una mezcla de lo vivido
y un pedazo de cada persona que está, o que se ha ido.

Somos eso que guardamos bajo llave.
Somos lo que decimos,
sobre todo,
somos lo que callamos.
Kitty Jun 2019
And at the end of the day
All that matters is your soul's way
And you may or may not know
Your heart's flow.
~May the words always be by your side!~
Foolishness should be a crime
And a heavy crime,
It takes more of oneself than anything ever could with sharp grey razors
Penetrating flesh slowly in one's immense pleasure,
Oddly satisfying until the end comes,
                      And the end is always near
                                     As foolishness gets in touch with reality.

And what strikes me is that anyone can be a fool,
It seems to be embedded in the human DNA
                        Holding hands with corruption,
For foolishness is nothing but the corruption of oneself
At the hands of fantasy.
september 12, 2017
0:49 a.m.
The mountains stand like giant ghosts behind the shore,
The buildings trap the sand
Their electric lights such vigilants of the sea
Motorbikes as little dispatchment troops
Cars parked as sleeping cops.

The buildings, so aware of the sea,
Forget the glory of rocky tall ghosts from beyond,
Their valleys turned shopping malls and residential areas.
Benidorm, Spain
august 3, 2017
6:45 a.m.
Sincerety has aligned me with the wrong path
                                             to love
                                             to success
                                             to glory,

It certainly draws the potential of freedom and truth
                                yet at the cost of shattering every chance of a quiet life,

Even the freedom it brings is only of oneself's mind

                                     We have no control
                                     We, the sincere,  
                                     Shall not have our names sang,
                                     Yet they will ring for centuries

In the ears of the many who never spoke for themselves.
july 3, 2017
12:33 a.m.
Love will not save you
It won't save anyone,
Ask any cardiologist.

It is a bitter thing, love
And every feeling that traps you
In ecstasy tying you to another soul.

Never more blissful than the effort  it takes
To handle,
The gut screams, the heart fails.

The spirit laughs.
Raven Le Fey Jul 2015
in the back seat of a car
the headphones in the higher volume, the sound spreads
in the back seat of a car
with it's secrets veiled by it's mouth

only when it's useful
it is had with attention
but in indifference times
disappears in the darkness

passing the crossroad
a master and it's disciples
the mists surrounds it
and make it invisible

the bell rings
the sparrow sings
the cigarette burns
the blade cuts

with it's friends
it walks
but the loneliness
surrounds it

into the night
a cry of pleasure fills it
a nervous laugh
followed by the kiss of love

a punch that makes it bleed
the Patriot gives it
it's clothes in the street
and freedom around the corner

the wind whisper
the owl sings
the candles on
the moon shines

in the woods appears
smiling, hysterical, naked
dancing in endless spirals
with it's invisible beings around

in a black and white world, ruled
a being with colored eyes
breaking boundaries and walls
the arcana 0 incorporates

in the back seat of a car
the headphones in the higher volume, the sound spreads
imagining the perfect perfection
in a place of pain and prejudice

the pen between it's fingers dance
a silent music
the poem of it's pale owner
the paper reveals secretly
Purple Rain May 2015
Dear world,
I understand I'm not the perfect
picture you paint in your mind
Let's be kind to the truth,
I Look at my reflexion,
something isn't right
Dear world,
I'm losing my youth
never had a connection

Day to day I face rejection,
You Say there's redemption
As I see this reflection of non-perfection
I Try getting along
But there is all these objections.
You echo
"I lost connection"
Well Connection was never lost,
That path was never crossed
See world,
I don't fall for your lies and deception
Saying this world is yours,
Well where's mines?
You say see its my world,
You must play by my rules

Well one day I'll say that too,
I will one day feel the same way
Maybe because,
I'll Get you caught up in tricks and lies,
Make you feel criminalized,
In my world,
You'll be victimized
You will be called uncivilized
You won't be the perfect picture
You painted in my mind.

— The End —