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Lovelyn Eyo Jul 11
I have a dream
Where your dream
Is mine
My dream your dream
The dream of never -giving up
I shall never give up
You too never should
And together we live up
Be lit-up
Stand up
For this dream
To stand and stay real

Dream big, no matter the struggles, fight positively to attain your dream,you deserve the best
Lovelyn Eyo Jul 11
If I were to pick a colour
What would it be
If I were to paint the world with it
What would it stand for
What image would it portray
The world strays
Let's bring it back home
With THE LORD'S help
we paint the world
Heart and soul
with the color-
H harmony
A alluring
P peace
P perfection
Y Yielding

Caleb Nathan Jul 15
i laughed
an armchair anthropological

it was my life
that hurt

In the morning

like an egg
on the
summer sidewalk

all black cement
and skid mark dreams
making breakfast gravelly
once again

oh boy
he wished
for some alternate universe

and a plate
for his eggs
The Pause of Time.

Tick Tock,
Hear the sound of clicks
It's time ticking, seasons flaking away
With each new tick, never find ease
Lean closely my dear
& hear more cleanly,
This low pitched mellow voice,
Urging on, the rushing of mighty winds
In even bits of every unit
In each stutter of time

Clickity clat , are the batteries dying?
All is slow
I hope the hands of the mother clock are jammed,
Perhaps the sun is falling,
With its orbits never again to reign,
To press the laws of time

Or perhaps the light on time has shone
In rigid rays enforced a home on the inside
Kin to heart, petted to a snooze
To find me relief from the ladens of regret,
From a racing heart and a boiling mind
To have me reflecting on the little things
Amassed round and about my soul
To have me enjoy the procession of life,
Than suffer the knocks of a losing squabble
Against the hands of time
This piece is a portrayal of the nature of time and the immutability in its working. Time flows and is ever new, it is therefore worthwhile for us to spend it meaningfully, living each present moment in positivity, confidence, courage and in appreciation
Mirror Mirror
Tell me why
This reflection
Isn’t mine
"Have I changed this much?"
Rama Krsna Jun 22
the tree of life
with its roots entrenched in ego
incessantly watered by
the fountain of desire
flowers lofty expectations,
which when unfulfilled
crumble like dry leaves
from flames of disappointment
and the smoke of anger,
poisoning mind and intellect
till humans are human no more

© 2019
M e l l o Jun 14
and finally
it will dawned to you
that you can't save
what's slipping away
by gripping it
because you'll
end up
crushing it
Liz Jun 8
Reflections of a Warrior.

A wise warrior once said to me, hey girl look in the mirror,
See that reflection there looking back, well she's a winner,
Embrace her now, believe in her, give her a hug,
Wipe away her tears, all her fears, show her love.

Be kind to her, give her strength, make her smile,
Look into her eyes and chat to her for a while,
Take away her worries, her woes and all her hurt,
Make her feel amazing, let her know her worth.

When she’s feeling empty, fill her up with love,
When she’s feeling sad, give her a little nudge,
Remind her she’s a warrior, that warriors never fall,
They only get up stronger, than they ever did before.

When she feels abandoned, afraid and all alone,
Remind her how she's risen, remind her how she's grown,
When she’s feeling broken, fix her back together,
Remind her that she can, ride out this stormy weather.

Now look at that reflection, stare deep into her eyes,
Remember she's your soul sister, never your demise,
She's stronger than you know, so give credit when it’s due,
And remember that reflection..... Is the WARRIOR in you.
Bellissima May 28
I walk from dirt trails
drenched in the echoes
of laughing teenagers,

soaked in the reflections
of drunken hopes,

to a purer path,
flooded in the promise
of a new beginning.
so often it's
the beautiful the cherished
which falls
from dusty table
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