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Abraham Esang Jun 2019
You are like a perfect love
that flies in the air,
which radiate my heart.
That in between the glow of your lips
And the sweetness thereof.
You still create a way to make me feel
like am the only one in the world.
Abraham Esang May 2019
Let us all smile.
Let us all smile always,
Like a river that never runs dry.
For beauty is only attached to a smile.
Abraham Esang May 2019
I try to  smile always,
With  a  coherent effort,                    
with what the taught me appearing so resolute.
"Be a man always. "
This sentence has ruin great men.
Abraham Esang May 2019
My heart beat so fast in aversion!
Bleeding in green and white!
If hatred eliminate men,
Then hell dry you up with its flames!
Abraham Esang May 2019
I wish you could hear me speak in person,
I wish you could feel my pains,
and my tears rolling down like a double crystal lattice.
Then, I will sing and dance in merriment
That at least WINTER could hear me speak.
I wish she could hear me speak.
  May 2019 Abraham Esang
Bogdan Dragos
He had a big belly
but he wasn't a fat man
he wished he was a fat man

his daughter was four
and she told him that he
looked like a
on the wrong side of
its shell

and mother laughed.
He didn't.

Surely he would have if the
swelling wasn't a terminal
a type of cancer of the
stomach and guts whose
name he struggled very
hard to
but the regular visits to
the doctor kept reminding him

his wife kept laughing
she said that laughing
is the key
the best healing
Laughter and love
lots and lots of love

but the other night when
he tucked the little girl
in bed and kissed her forehead and
said "I love you."
she poked her tongue at him
and said "I don't! You ugly and weird.
I love mommy and puppy Bran. Good
night." And she put her
head on the pillow and
closed her eyes.

It was I who went to the shelter
and brought puppy Bran home, he though
as he closed the door, tears
blurring his vision
He didn't go into the
bedroom where his wife
was probably asleep

he went into the bathroom
washed his face
rinsed his mouth
went into the kitchen
and grabbed the leash
went outside
and took puppy Bran
for a walk

the moon lighted their path
and the shadow of his
big, swollen belly
covered all of puppy Bran
Abraham Esang May 2019
Across the dandelion
Where wine sprout out like daisy.
There I came searching for you.
Like winter,
So you came.
How can I love you
My moon and stars!
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