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Mari Dec 2020
We all keep something hidden
Deep inside our brains  
Trying to forget what we know
Refusing to speak
We keep these words locked
To be forever unspoken
Knowing what happens
When someone whispers

Words fly all around
Causing a plague
The whispers are spread
Wildfires have nothing on rumors
Erasing all knowledge on past events

Distorting someone's image
It's an easy thing to do
When many people talk
About both you and me

I’m sure we have had this happen
This is nothing new
Words spoken aren't always true
this was for a school project, we had to write about something that is "lasting"? I still don't exactly know what that means but oh well.
Mari Dec 2020
I am from matches
From scrapes of all kind
Only one concussion
And no broken bones

From long days of tutoring
The work piled up
I am from testing
Multiple psychiatrists
And meds galore

I am from political central
Museum field trips
Historical monuments
From cherry blossoms
That fall every spring
Mari Mar 2019
Somewhere on the other side of this earth
Is the place that you call home
Even though you're super far away
Somehow you fell so close
We talk all night and text all day
Why must you live so far away?
We don’t know what we're doing
Sometimes our emotions get confusing
Staying up till 12 at night just for you
Were 16 hours apart what else am I supposed to do
I don’t need anything else when I’m with you
You keep me safe from peoples hurtful words
You know what to say when I am down
Our hearts know what they want
They are leading the way
But we are confused
Let's put it off for another day
Mari Feb 2019
I am in a forest of people
They completely surround me
Encasing me in a shell of the unknown
I don't know where I am.
I don't know what to do.
If they are all White Willow then I must be the Weeping.
The sun is so far out of my reach
How do they know that is the way to go
How are they so sure that they must grow up
When I am unsure if I am growing down.
Mari Feb 2019
I’m stuck in a loop day in and day out
A cycle that never ends
A cycle I can not break
No matter how hard I try to escape
It is a leach holding onto my time
Draining me of my mentality
I can’t control it no matter how hard I try
Luring me sweets and all kinds of treats for my brain to devour
It leads me to different locations
I for it so it keeps me happy
I used to be able to say goodbye whenever I wanted
But now I am chained
Being held underwater
Floating up for a second for a gasp of air
Then being held down
As the waves wash over me
It promises more fun

I know what to
I know what is right
The choice is easy
So why don’t I choose it
Again and again
It does things that I hate
It does things that others hate
Even though it makes me sad
Even though it hurts me
Breaking down trust and friendships
Everyday another rule is being added on
I don’t want help
It doesn't matter what other people say
Even if I know they are right
I know I need to leave
But I am trapped
Inside my own brain
It has a name
But I don’t like it
For some reason I still follow it
Mari Jan 2019
I put up walls
To keep myself safe
But they are breaking
Exposing me to the outer world
How can anyone live out here
Nothing can save me or keep me safe
You have made a mistake
I'm not strong
So how can I be the leader
I wish everything would just go back
Back to when you were here
I am a disgrace
You are the Hero that has misplaced
Mari Jan 2019
I work all day
And then at night
But I can’t seem to do anything right

I’m not the best
This is true
But it's nothing new

I have failed
Once again
Why can’t everything just end

This tests I take
I’m always wrong
Please leave me be

I can’t go on

— The End —