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nicetomeetyou May 2022
all those empty promises you made for me,,
every single word you said to me
all those little gifts you gave me
i never forgot them .
and i dont blame you because i left first

i left first because
i was too insecure.
i noticed every little detail,,
the way you looked at her, the way you talked to her
you never looked at me that way

so i wanted to believe the headpats and hugs and thumb wars you shared with me

but your forevers were only ******* because as soon as you left too
you fell in love again .

-by the cold-hearted ***** you once liked .
when i was in love with him, the only two things i could think of were of him and how long it would last. i guess i know the ending now .
nicetomeetyou May 2022
everyone falls hard
during autumn,
then wakes up
during spring.
we finally mature enough to realize our crushes are too silly for us
nicetomeetyou May 2022
i met a boy last winter,
and his smile warmed my heart.
i was so sure he was The One
right from the very start...

we grew close in a matter of weeks,
as i observed him closely
his laugh, his touch,
and the smell of his hoodie...

he loved to talk,
and i loved to listen
he words were so sweet,
and i always missed him...

spring came.

the hot chocolate and blankets and snowmen came to an end.

like the snow,
my love slowly melted...

i met a boy this spring.
im so sorry for not posting in a very long time, i felt like i had no motivation to keep writing. today as i was scrolling through my poems again, i suddenly realized how much i missed writing these dumb poems. so im back, and i hope i can at least write a piece every week:)
nicetomeetyou Jun 2021
Never give up that one important life-changing thing you've been working since forever chance to someone else, no matter who they are and how much they bribe you to put your heart into it.
nicetomeetyou May 2021
i really love sleeping
because i literally get 10 hours
of peace and silence and dreams
and i don't need to think because i can't
so i try to tuck into my covers as soon as possible
nicetomeetyou May 2021
To kiss;
Hold my chin up with your warm fingers
No, I don't want you to
Let go of what we have.
You should definitely
Let your tender lips touch mine, and
I'll never
Push you away.
I have to say, that soon will I
Fall into my (love)sick self
After you go away,
I'll throw this love
in the bin.
backwards and forwards, you see?
nicetomeetyou May 2021
cupid hit me with his ****** love arrow
and i fell in love with you
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