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Vexren4000 Mar 2018
A facade worn,
By every human you contact,
A facade of caring,
A social construct, a mask
Not abstract, or non existent,
But one every being,
Incorporates to functionally fit in,
In a world full,
Of hypocrisy.
Mark Wanless Dec 2017
"Wet Green Rock"

The wet green rock
That is our world
Floats round and round
A flaming torch
That sends its rays
Through cold dark space
To warm the air and land
And thus is formed
The womb and tomb
In which we live
Our mortal days
And pained we dream
Of other realms
To lay beyond this sphere
Paul Butters Aug 2017
Let’s go to an antimatter universe
Where hot ice solidifies
Under the black light of the freezing sun.
A world where short giraffes hide beneath
The tall grass, amongst low trees.
See those high plains, watery deserts and low mountains.
Slow flies crawl over red skies
As turtles and tortoises speed around.
Here, hot sun is an oxymoron
And everything is downside up.

Or if you prefer we could visit a realm
Like on “Red Dwarf”
Where time flies backwards:
People formed from dusty death
To live and grow youthful
On the way to an inevitable birth
And death again
When parental **** parts from *****.

Paul Butters
This was fun.
M Harris Apr 2017
Magnetic Contaminations & Audiotronic Visions,
Sublimating Poetic Transmutations Of Her Catatonic Provisions,

Primordial Metamorphosis Of Her Synthetic Overtunes,
Revealing Self-Perpetuated Biotic Tunes,

Protoplasmic Sparks In Her Cryptic Eyes,
Condensing Into Labyrinthine Whispers & Mortal Butterflies,

Myriad Phantasms On Feral Nights,
Fervid Effigies Under Moaning Lights,

Phantasmal Echoes & Mystic Whisperings,
Catalyzing Crepuscular Skies Under A Moonlit Spring,

Spiritual Crafts & Her Supernova Screams,
Evaporating Molotov Solution Of Her Liquified Dreams,

Untouched Realms & Her Ecstatic Overflows,
Refueling With Fantasy Effects Of Her Verbal Glows,

Arcane Stains & Her Floral Clones,
Primal Profanity Raining Over Her Coral Throne,

Handmade Essence Of Her Still-Born Eternity,
Recklessly Serenading Through Her Lacteal Galaxy,

Hypersonic Dreams & Venomous Virility,
Tampering Her Ionic Revelations Of Exquisite Hostility,

Progressive Factuals & Her Motionless Serenity,
Invocating  Her Violets Serving Blue Infinity,

Apparitional Mirrors & Her Immaculate Misconceptions,
Weaponizing Fireflies In Whisky Perceptions.

- 05:52AM -
Zach Hanlon Sep 2015
I float between
the realm of
the living and the dying.
I long for
bittersweet discovery,
only to find
my want and my need
split between two worlds.
Inspired by the song "Between Worlds" by Amy Lee.
Debra Lea Ryan Sep 2015
Content I am to finally convey
I think of you everyday
Far flung from the realms of cliché
Because I truly DO LOVE YOU!

In the midst of a cosmic allure~ness and misty mountains
floating through vastness of space and time oceans waves were licking your fragrant feet tickling you in a charming mind-boggling sensation starting from your travelling lines across acupressure spots massaging your head and navel through meridians running up along your
tree veins not forgeting to **** too grounded wide cute toes
climbing vigorously up to knuckles
affirming your upper musculature as a living statue
of wit and limitlessness of a great spirit i love you!
We waver in wonder why there's such an exuberance:
There is pure oxygen! Let us inhale. Breeze deep. Emerald lake is a gem tear falling from my left eye and at the bottom of your right one I inquire with curiosity ~ oh, wow ~ deep blue aquamarines drowning in wisdom. . . writing
Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic beauty
Deep Chakraborty Jan 2015
Now that you are back;
I shall breath my last,
And bid adieu to this mortal realm,
I offer you a seat with me,
An offer to sail to the realm of wonders.

Sleeping under the moonlit sky,
I dream about that smile of yours,
For living in this reality of smoke,
I have come to realise,
That  you and me aren't meant to be.

I shall walk away; slowly
Turn left and go,
Go to the realm of satanic immortality
And cry my sorrows.

You were my only infatuation;
Now you are replaced,
By a drop of acknowledgment,
From the sea of love.

My dear comrades;
Don't cry when you remember me,
Sing songs of war;
For I have won the war against life.

And therefore I bid adieu to this mortal realm,
And offer you a seat with me,
An offer to sail to the realm of wonders.
I pulled the knot of the rope
tighter, rather like one would
to secure a tie into shape.

The rope was well secured
to a narrow wooden beam
that insured that the rope
would not fail and I was
positive that the structure
would take the weight as I
had designed it to do.

I looked at a picture I held
in my hand and the image
made me feel that this action
was the required course.


It wasn't the life that I had
led that had stirred this desire
to end my days.

I had no upset for the vicious
attacks I had made or the thieving
I had done to procure my habit.

No, it was the death of a child
that had brought me here. For
while I journeyed into the realms
of chimera and fantasy. Whilst
I walked the light fantastic
this child lay in his own unknown

On my come back to reality I
was assured another vision.
This time though neither delusion
of mirage. The child lay dead
with the syringe still hanging
from his young personage.

As I kick the stool away the
knot does its job to perfection
and as I struggle my life
away at the sharp end of this
rope the image flutters gently
down to the carpeted floor.

It shows the image s of a man
and his young son, soon to
be reunited in death.
13th September 2014
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