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Jose Gonzalez Sep 2015
Upon the sands I stood in vigil,

in my thoughts, in images of her and her song.

Here  i am, locked by land and distance,

unable to swim freely in her waters of calm.

How I wish to be part of her world,

to swim the currents of her soul in ecstasy.

Within thoughts, comes many things,

realizations of hurts, and desires that may not be.

I must depart from these beautiful waters,

know I am alien to this place.

I cannot stay any longer upon just a wish,

unable to be more to what she needs.

I must bear the sadness within me,

to walk away, red eyed, full of tears.

Leave her be, in her world to search,

to find one she deserves ever so.

To be content that she finds happiness,

held by another of where she thrives.

I am just an observer, witness to all she is

experienced bliss like never before.

I know now I leave with an everlasting dream,

an imprint in the sand where i stood.

I can only see from the distance, for the days to come,

to make cast of it and a place to reflect.

I know of what will never be of us,

but will always have to remember, her Siren's Song.

Copyright © J.L.Gonzalez 2015
Sometimes a wish is just never granted. However much it hurts  and to have the realization of it, it may be that a better door awaits, or the later pain would've been to much to bear.
lmbf Jul 2018
You already know the truth. So why do you run from it? What are you trying to make yourself feel? What are you trying to evade?

You know that in your heart of hearts, he doesn't think of you. He doesn't even care. ****, if he cared, why hasn't he called? Why haven't the two of you had a conversation yet after you stopped initiating contact two months ago? You're so good at synthesizing information, yet what happened to the link between knowing and understanding this situation? What makes it different from her, from all the other times before?

I'm not gonna ask why it all started; you already know the answer. You need to feel whatever you need to feel. But I'm just wondering why you continue to beat yourself up over answers he can't give. Why you interpret his intense stares as moments of epiphany.

You say to yourself, "If we were meant to be, we would've been by now." Can you even comprehend what that means? I'll break it down for you: saying "I'm not ready" literally translates to "I don't think of you that way" in "I-don't-have-the-*****-to-be-honest-with-my-friends"-ese. I know it tears you up inside when you are lied to, no matter how small. Which, in hindsight, is probably why you stayed so angry for so long. That's not your fault and you don't need to know why it happened that way. But you do need to know that unfortunately, it had to happen that way.

finally out of that sunken place.
"Everyday I let go, just a little bit more."
Summer Freewrite Sessions 2018
Carter Ginter Dec 2018
I feel so torn
I love him a lot
Except I feel like
I can't love him as freely as I want to
Because he reminds me of an ex
I want so desperately to let go of
I want to move on with my life
And to love him entirely for him
Without the ripples of her
Skating across my perception
I feel trapped in my mind sometimes
Living through past memories
That only make me feel sadness now
And I wonder if that closure I seek
Can occur if I can forgive myself
For hurting her so much
How can I take responsibility and
Embrace my faults and mistakes
While also forgiving myself for them?
Forgive myself for hurting her?
Especially after realizing that
My emotional unavailability caused it
And I understand that I must remain compassionate
And I must accept the things I cannot change
It's just hard not to shame myself
When the blame fits so perfectly
In the palms of my hands
Advent  Oct 2014
Advent Oct 2014
coffees are my one-way ticket to contemplation–
to realizations and dramas
it shapes my eyes
to view life like a panorama

coffee makes me think
about the world,
the people
and both combined

coffee connects me to the crowd
to their lives,
sometimes shared with mine

coffee gates to different events and realities
it awakens wishful thinking
and kicks curiosities

coffee, summed up
is a friend
of all those who've got their heads in their *****

it is a guru of life
and other life experiences

                                                   ­       a.t.
Katie Miller Jan 1

I’m walking through the halls
Trapped in by suffocating walls
I’m walking through the doors
Over the decaying floors
Who has walked through them?
And where were they walking from?
A broken desk
Or a secluded bathroom stall?
Memories and laughter or
Tears and sobs evermore?
Have these hallways heard confessions?
Or witnessed just depression?
Have they made memories of laughter ?
Have these windows shown truth of all of the lies?
Or only a glimpse of an aggravated sunrise?
Are the walls shrines of the past?
Holders of all questions asked?
If the curtains wave in the gentle autumn breeze
Is there still an ill wanted disease?
The dilapidated ceiling watched over inhabitants
Still built perfectly built but falling apart
And visitors that were seen as contaminants
The unwanted one
The one no one would notice if they were gone
The same one that screamed for help here
For anyone to be near
Or the one who was popular
A class A top gossiper
The one with a sharp tongue
But no one knows that it’s wrong
The hallways whisper the secrets
Of their strongest weakness
The halls tell the stories they may
Of friends on their departing highway
And the friends who are just meeting
Smiles, laughter and a warm greeting
I’m walking through the halls
Trapped in by suffocating walls
I’m walking through the doors
Over the decaying floors
Waiting for a voice to hear
For anyone to show they're near
Waiting here forever
I won't leave this place, never
I wrote this poem after someone in our school committed suicide. I didn't know him too well, but it was still upsetting and shocking. As I was walking down the halls, I realized all these different things: he walked through that door, that was his locker, he laughed in this hallway, he ate at one of these lunch tables. I'm hoping that this poem describes all of this with just words.
Paras Bajaj Jan 15
I chased you a lot,
but now I am done.
Today I have realised
that you are not the one.

I loved you a lot,
but now I am done.
Today I have learned
I have lost, not won.

I suffered a lot,
but now I am done.
Punished by your past,
we’d never stand as one.

—Poetry by Paras
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