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Penguin Poems Sep 2018
I finally get it
I finally do
I finally understand what I did to you
Maybe not all of it,
but enough to know that I need to apologize.
After seeing it happen with my own eyes,
I know that I talked too much,
I know that you didn't understand why I did,
or why I needed to,
and I didn't listen to you
when you tried to explain you didn't want to.

And I know all disputes have multiple faults,
and I'm not going to take them all,
but I understand why I need to take most.

We both always said communication was key,
I neither of us had the same ones though, did we?
Sometimes you need to own up to mistakes even if you think it might be the wrong choice. Once you've cleaned up your side of the road, you can move on. And it feels great.
ieyam Jul 2018
You pulled the trigger
     and it pierced my skin, tore at my flesh,
          burrowed itself into the depths of my being.

Then I suddenly realised the irony,
      that your love - the very thing I lived for
          was none other than the bullet that killed me.
Jungdok Jun 2018
I went to church today by myself. How hypocritical of me, identifying myself as an atheist but still continuing to attend masses, never missing one.

Everything was normal. The priest started his homily with a joke of how all the restaurants would be filled with families, celebrating father's day. A tear escaped my eye. That's when it hit me, it was father's day. It was a day that for people like me, wasn't special. That's why the church was filled with fathers and soon to be fathers. The priest continued with his homily, saying that fathers should instill and inculcate to their kids the importance of God being the center of one's life. I cried. Not the loud cry, but tears were running down my face. My heart hurts. My heart was crying. Maybe, I was stressed, like I usually am. I was weeping in silence while the priest continued with the mass. Only now have I realized how empty I've become.

Emptiness was a feeling I never knew. It was a feeling I was familiar with but refused to recognize. I was afraid to be weak. The last thing I need was a pity party. But at that moment, I just let the tears stream through my face. I didn't care if people were looking at me with sympathy on their faces. I was suppressing this feeling for so long, that when it was finally released, it felt like my system was being crushed.

Even if you never stood as a father to us, even if you never acknowledged me as your daughter, even if you ruined and altered my life, you will always be my father.

I realized that there is no sense in harboring hatred towards you, you're one of the reasons why I became strong and independent. You're one of the people, who somehow, shaped me into who I am today.

We may never be comfortable with each other, nor speak to one another. Things might never be okay between us, but know that I always acknowledged you as my father even if you never did and I am grateful to you for making me experience life, even though it sometimes *****.

Happy father's day, dad.
Happy father's day. :)))
ffn Apr 2018
If you broke my arm
I'd still ask you to sign my cast,
And that is why
I must go.
ieyam Apr 2018
People keep saying, "Love hurts"
But love didn't hurt you, did it?
Love didn't make you cry,
Love didn't break you -

I did.
You look at the clock.
It's 5 am.
You look around.
Nothing's there.
You look up.
The fan smiles at you.
You look down.
The floor frowns at you.
You look back.
Nothing's there.
You look at the clock.
It's 5 am.
What are you doing?
Late night thoughts.
Nakakaselos palang makita ka sa iba
Pero ako naman unang nawala di'ba?
Masakit kasi totoo
Mas masakit kasi mahal mo.
I feel like I need this.
Samantha Babe Feb 2018
It is now the ending
Goodbye to our tale
Where the story's sad
When love was just what we had

I take back the reality
Where I don't know you
Cause in that dimension
We lack vitality
Chloe Feb 2018
When I was young, I became infatuated with a girl.
She had hair like the sun and eyes like the sky.
She was in love but she was not in love with me.
I did not understand why she stayed around someone who made her so unhappy.
At the time I had no experience when it came to long term relationships.
I didn't even know what love really was.
I didn't believe that I was ever going to find it.
So, naturally, I was crushed when she did not choose me.
I did not understand why she was with someone for so long who seemed to make her unhappy.
She is now married;
and I now understand why she did not give up everything that she built with that person.
Love is hard.
It is ****.
It is painful.
Oh, but it is magical;
and when you fall in love, I don't believe you ever truly fall out of love.
I used to always question why people in long term relationships fought so hard for their relationship when their significant other and them constantly were unhappy. I now realize that I only saw that one small portion of their relationship. Now that I have fallen in love with someone and gone through what I have with my significant other over the past 4 and a half years, I get it.
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