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v Jul 2019
My lavender sweetheart
the way she looks giving you that pout
soft green eyes brighter than leaves w the summer dills
she leaves ya mind in feels like you’re off cbd pills
Body all lucid , seeing colors in acid melting with the music
come and catch this vibe like tree trunks sweet apple pie
leaving you in peace to sit with these lavender dreams
or leaving you in peace to sit with these lavender sweetdreams / sweethearts
cd Oct 2015
I am 8 checkpoints on a world map
I am red curtains filtering sunlight into soft pink washes on bedroom walls
I am the elephant (lover) in the room
I am want of knowledge
I am a poet
I am french lavendar and cotton pajamas
I am sharp and unwelcoming
I am black coffee
I am full of knowledge
I am a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a granddaughter, and a care giver
I am an adult
I am a student
I am an avid listener of 60s folk music
I am a terrible listener
I am a well presented mess
I am a performer
I am terrified

I am not decisive
I am not ready
I am not young
I am not unaware
I am not an extravert
I am not a poet

the fragments that make up a human are often broken and many
memories and aspirations
Inspirations dedications
the fragments are only fragments
the human announces and defines it itself
introduces itself

I am human
I am me

harvey Mar 2014
you're like lavender hills
and tropical skies
the words between my lips
and the warmth between my thighs

— The End —