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Cc Jun 2019
Watch me walk away
I’m smiling
You don’t know it
You never will
But I’m smiling
And I hate myself for it.
Cc Jun 2019
I’m not a liar
Not to you
So please don’t ask why I cannot look you in the eye
When I plead that I love you.
Cc Jun 2019
My hand was open
But you,
You chose her
Closed fist and everything.
Cc Jun 2019
i watched you fade away from me.
your hand wasn't mine
and my heart wasn't yours.
Cc Jun 2019
ill love you again and again without fail
but it's not enough is it?
love doesn't fix wounds
and I haven't got the patience to watch you heal.
Cc Jun 2019
Just stay awake
Just keep talking
Just pretend you love me
Just hold on
Everything is so much scarier in the dark, love.
Cc Jun 2019
Warning: side effects may include: Dizziness. Lack of sleep. Nausea. Butterflies. Lack of speech. Daydreams. Irresistible urge for closeness. Tingles in fingers and toes. Intense need of eye contact. Dryness of the mouth. Feelings of addiction. Heart pains. Lung shrinking. Love. Love love love love love love love.
Cc Jun 2019
This is my safe place away from you
These are my feelings i’d never let you see
I will not lie to you darling
You know me better than that
But I will hide these thoughts far away from you
in my own little castle I’ll build out of deceit and misplaced trust.

— The End —