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Mystic Ink Plus Jun 2019
Prescribed drugs
Sipped with liquor

A lethal cocktail
Genre: Clinical
Theme: A taste of life
milkymoon Mar 2019
i'm content and happy - i don't need him

it doesn't mean i don't miss you.
your all i think about, all i dream about.
when your ready, i will allow you back.
i might not need you, but doesn't mean i don't want you.

time will heal all

a **** ton
but don't worry it will happen
CommonStory Feb 2019
Before I start this

Thank you,

I used to be so helpful

I need to call my momma

I think I need a girlfriend

Time to talk to papa

I used be so different

Now I know the problem

Maybe I should love her

But where's the issue

Maybe I should bleed

But I am not a cutter

I love the pleasure sensation

But not the feeling of slicing my skin like butter

On a summer day

A wonderful day

Through my skin with an iron dagger like a tragic story

I need to get my ****

All together probably

I need to stop my procrastination

Well maybe I'll start tomorrow

Where are all my virtues

Behind the sins I follow

This is not the issue even the though rhe consequence follows in sequential order
Bordered on my persons if the action do more than my conciousness can fathom i shall falter with this ******* world

That's why papa said my **** is int he dirt

But I do not like cabbage

Maybe a couch potatoe

why does it even matter

Before you go to the next step

Please read the disclaimer

In this day and age of digital things

I got everything I really should need????
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 2/22/2019
KM Hanslik Mar 2018

How beautiful it is to live,
our sentences no longer abridged by disclaimers,
our tongues not tied by fear -
our hearts not interjected with warning labels
for fear of our existence weighing too much
on the minds of others,
too heavy to comprehend;

Give me the heaviness in your soul
(it's alright, I can carry it),
speak freely with me;
do not censor the depth of your existence.
Rachel Katerina Jul 2015
You cannot ask
The great poets of the past
The secret meanings of their words:
No murm’rings can escape dead lips.

Just as the poets are silent,
So am I – do not ask.
a disclaimer in the form of a poem because I do things like that
Graff1980 May 2015
This is a disclaimer
Despite the fact
That I wish they would attack
To bite your fat ***
In zeal cause you might
Taste like veil
Zombies are not real

This is a disclaimer
Contrary to your belief
And desire to find relief
Angels do not exist
The spirit does not persist
And you waste much energy
In the pursuit of this
Fear of death

This is a disclaimer
Cause it’s lamer
By todays standard
To stand hard
Against the ignorance
And superstition
Than it is to sit around fishing
For fantasies
To comfort ourselves

This is a disclaimer
It would be far vainer
For me to say
That I know it all
I may
I have been wrong
All along
But I highly doubt it
melina padron Feb 2015
I am sorry for the way
I can’t look at you when I say
That I am sorry,
And I can’t give you anything back.

You built me up like
Your childhood diorama.
All cardboard, glitter
And clay figurines.

When you saw just how quickly
I could tear it all down,
When you realized
Just how crazy I could be -
I’m sorry.
Sadnest Nov 2014
It's easy to write a poem.
It's hard, however, to write a piece of originality : something where you don't fear people are reading it thinking "Where have I seen this before?".
No clichés, no copying, no integrating bits of your work and bits of others, always give credit where credit is due. Etcetera.
But that's not really what poetry is about.
I guess, in my own words and understanding of it, it's just about expression and ideas and spilling words onto pages that you could never say aloud.
I guess it comes from the abyss within yourself.
Where, in your heart, letters swim in pools of emotions waiting to be saved and salvaged.
And in your mind, they are forming in an orderly line waiting to be made sense of.
Maybe none of this makes any sense.
Or maybe it does.
I once heard the expression : "Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I've ever known."
And that's the **** truth.
Jenn Schwartz Mar 2014
For one hundred days, we set sail without as much as one distraction.
But the skies open up,
the waves begin to groan.
The wind in the wires made a tattle-tale sound,
and a wave broke over the railing.

The lost ship would not float again,
with tattered sails and opening seams,
and deck bestrewn with falling beams,
in the deep ocean it will remain.

I feel your fear and despair.
I was much farther out than you thought.
I scream but nothing, nothing will come out.
You’ve gone too far…..
Another nameless sailor’s ghost lost to the sea.

As the tide just sweeps and sways,
When will I find my way home?
Where is the shore-line?
Will this open water become my tomb?
Whoever told the sun to wake?
And whoever told the moon to clutch the sea?

Alone, yes alone, I may not survive.
The water’s getting so hard to tread
with these waves crashing over my head.
Just a hug could make me feel like I was never alone.
Light rain-drops fall and wrinkle the sea.

I should have known the tides were getting higher.
I will fall asleep,
to close my eyes is to be at sea,
and live eternally, immortally.

There was never any way of going back to the old world with any sort of victory,
or good tidings of new discovery.
At sea I sail in the bellowing gale,
on my way to the end.
I made this a few years ago. This was a lyric poem of lines of songs and poems combined into one poem. Sources:  
Line 1: Sinking Ship by Glamorous Enigma
Line 2: Shipwreck by Mary Weston Fordham
Line 3: Shipwreck by Mary Weston Fordham
Line 4: Sinking Ship by Glamorous Enigma
Line 5: You Took Your Life by Ann Bedford
Line 6: Not Waving but Drowning by Stevie Smith
Line 8: With Ears to see and Eyes to Hear by Sleeping With Sirens (written by Sleeping With Sirens)
Line 9: With Ears to see and Eyes to Hear by Sleeping With Sirens (written by Sleeping With Sirens)
Line 10: The Prodigal by Jamie’s Elsewhere
Line 11: Anchors by The Amity Affliction (written by The Amity Affliction)
Line 12: Lost At Sea by Richard Steinmueller
Line 13: Lost At Sea by Richard Steinmueller
Line 14: Anchors by The Amity Affliction (written by The Amity Affliction)
Line 15: Alone On Sea by Allenika
Line 16: Even the Rain by Agha Shahid Ali
Line 17: Oh How I Miss You by Clara Thompson
Line 18: Souls and Rain-Drops by Sidney Lanier
Line 19: A Prophecy by Asking Alexandria (written by Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria)
Line 20: Don’t Fall Asleep at the Helm by Sleeping With Sirens (written by Sleeping With Sirens)
Line 21: Eternity at Sea by Annie Cordelia Adams
Line 22: Eternity at Sea by Annie Cordelia Adams
Line 23: Treasured Moments by Ron Tranmer
Line 24: Eternity at Sea by Annie Cordelia Adams
Line 25: Lost At Sea by Richard Steinmueller

— The End —