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Cc 18h
I wish it was you on the phone
calling me back because you felt I shouldn’t be alone
I wish you’d checked twice as I said goodbye
I wish you’d noticed the tears forming in my eyes
I wish you’d understand when I said I was okay
that there was a reason I looked the other way
I wish you could see that the reason I lie
is the same reason, sometimes, that I cry.
Cc Nov 3
I want to fall in love with a woman.

I want to push her hair back with my fingers and taste starlight on her lips.

I want to smell the summer spent by her side on her pale, paper like skin.

I want to stare into her eyes and see a world full of beauty and laughter.

I want to experience her voice like butter, running down my skin.

I want her to trace words into my skin with her sighs and carve them into my heart with her screams.

I want to crumble at the world and know her arms are there, strong like a rock and soft as a tear.

I want to fall in love with a woman.
Inspired by emotions triggered by She by Dodie
Cc Aug 26
You are already gone in my mind
So tell me,
What is the point of wasting tears on a ghost.
Cc Aug 18
I don’t think
even I would care
if I disappeared.
Cc Aug 18
I’ve lost myself in the addictive mess of ****** desire.

i’ve wrapped myself in the deadly sweetness of sin

So that when I take that away
I’m left bleeding in the sheets

With no want to clothe myself
in the love I don’t deserve.
Cc Jul 20
I am so
That I could not care less as you stand there sobbing.
Cc Jun 13
Watch me walk away
I’m smiling
You don’t know it
You never will
But I’m smiling
And I hate myself for it.
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