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Isabella Mar 22
nora Feb 8
maybe dreams are just realities
stuck into the heads of people stuck at work until five
the little whispers of futures and pasts,
the disconnected strands that our mind ties together
in a messy knot,
hoping we can make sense of the
whys and whos and whats and
Chandler M Feb 7
When I open up my eyes
Look forward to you
Need no caffeine
For you revive me
Today you seemed happy
S t r i k e !
In came the doubt
Is this the path you want?
W a i t !
Why are you asking that?
You’ve gone this far
Close to the end
On the precipice of success
Don’t go back
To what ruined you
Inside you want to go
But I wont let you
Swear that it’s no good
The hurdles have been cleared
Yet when you jump over one
You create three more
Wish I could be your hero
Zero possibility
But how about
I knock the hurdles down
This wasn’t here before
Stop building up defense
For a threat in your imagination
Listen to me faintly
Cry for mom
Yell for dad
Whatever gets you out of this
Trip toward tragedy
You question the world
Why can’t you accept yourself?
Oh how I wish I knew
To save you from yourself
It’s not your fault
Life is just this way…
For now
Strike down the illusions.
TC Dec 2019
Distance measured in time,
Darkness replaced by sight;
Sanity now a faint sound,
Rarely seen in the light.

Time passed by, by distance;
Normality replaced by sin;
Silenced is each breath,
I now no longer depend.

Years merely moments,
Laughter drowning in sand;
Happiness dripping with blood,
Is a death so carefully planned.

Moments, weighed down by the years;
Distant is the chaos
Of which no-one reveres
Years filled with moments
Of Self loathing while drowning fears;
Dreams no longer visible,
Unable to see beyond the glass...
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