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Yousra Amatullah Jul 2022
They fell asleep to the sound of rattling chains
And dream to sell its lullaby
I think it's time to wake up..
Traveler Dec 2019
Untie these hands
Or I'll chew through these ropes
Derail your trains
Stick a stick in your spokes

You've ran your course
Evil Hand of War
You've made our world
Your killing floor

I'll tear you down
I'll spit you out
I am the Traveler
Have no doubt

The muse of peace
Is on the prowl
Changing winds
Moan and howl

**** the beast
**** the beast
**** the gosh ****


Us or them? We want peace world wide!
I am
water and
wry here
that watch  
this motte
with Lucretia's
but her
riverbed yet
a glorious
day foretold
if her
buck didn't
sight this
and her
knot was
spangled in  
her earring.
A   Quaker Note.
In Ohio
Valley if
Tecumseh once
treated dear
certainty with
their disgust
and two
by lust
but when
leaders they
ready kissed
her said
why Britton
went there
for one
in Battle
Ground too
Re" Tippecanoe and Presidents
killjoy Sep 2017
I wonder if I'm losing my mind
I feel that my thoughts are in bind

The legacy and intricacy so delicately woven
But I know underneath were all lies if proven

Falsehood mixed with sense of modesty
Blah, I don't want or need such courtesy

Show me the truth, and only the truth that lies within
With no horrid intention, my patience is wearing thin

And even then they are such a temporary relief
Because I constantly argue to expose the false belief

But masses rises in torrents to give lies a form in reality
Something that should not even be compare to truth in duality

And forevermore the generation continues to wrongly foster
Planted racism and prejudices which are the imposter

And our moral codes and principles are all but forgotten
As fear brew from lies that should have been left out rotten

My placid eyes somehow remains desert dry
Lost all ability to even try to cry

I am a witness, a citizen and a bystander
Feeling powerless and no one to slander

It has simply become so difficult to tell
What is real and what is not real in tale
An orange
sought crunch
as nightfall
waned in
northern tier
and would
annex more
than south
as it
lied encumbered
with KE
when Robert
E, Lee
incandescently drew
lion's share
of resistance
in Yorktown.
"A patriot with remark"
A temporal
Flanders would
fight woe
and unto
day then
coup would
blow while
doused in
pain had
changed their
view with
this firebrand
a connoisseur
supposed that
Rembrandt namely
would forego
symbolism today.
Rembrandt Hermensz van Rijn was a Dutch painter (1606-1669).
Did you know that Im racist ?
Did you know that Im sexist ?

Its not that I care for race
I believe we are all equal
Its not that I care for ***
I belive we are all equal

But, Im a white male
and apparently we are all the same
we are all, nothing but demon
I just wrote something as a reaction of the policy of censorship of my contry over every thing they deem "racist" or "sexist". I mean if we can't talk of the problem in society how will we fix em ?
In Montenegro
today grow
Swiss in
diplomacy as
a filibuster
in adria
nigh in
Azerbaijan why
join forces
with The
Antilles with
Turks and
Caicos shan't
delight in
Zurich yet
once again
there's Aleppo.
Once did Senator Paul visit Crimea .
A restitution
in statutory
there a
transitory program
swift to
encircle firm
when ridicule
compel a
moratorium where
Russia still
a democratic
likelihood in
arms race
soon retire
for Holy
Land again.
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