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Ali Ashraf Aug 2019
as full moon shines bright
on a dark silent night
and its silver rays illuminate
the nights like days
that's how your smile
put misery to demise
and brought a glow
into my stale life

I know that those
who've been to the moon
those astronauts
spending great fortune
declared it lifeless and barren
and not so beautiful
but hearing those words I sigh
they are blinded by their rationality
moon should be seen through a poet's eye
then they'll perceive the beauty true
and see it as I saw you

but now the longing is gone
and you are here with me
I am afraid what they said was true
and true was their rationality too
it is one thing to see it from distance
it is another thing to touch it
and alas I have learned it soon
only from far looks beautiful; the moon.

© Ali Ashraf
Ali Ashraf Aug 2019
adorned in melancholy
I am sleepless at midnight
occupied by your thoughts
my eyes shed tears
and I make necklace from those pearls
to hang myself
to sacrifice myself for love

your love has made me wither
I have lost all wishes
and my tendency to wish
is it human? is it sane?
is it moral? is it humane?
I am beyond questions now
I don't want answers
I just want to weep tirelessly
and repeat your name
all night long
as I am adorned in melancholy
sleepless and tired.

© Ali Ashraf
Ali Ashraf Aug 2019
O owner of soul
source of my being
keeper of secrets
take off all my skin
one by one
then cut my body into pieces
one by one
spill my blood on the streets
one by one
then burn those pieces into flame
one by one
then gather the ashes of those pieces
one by one
and scatter those ashes in the air
one by one
you would still hear me say
I still love you

© Ali Ashraf
Ali Ashraf Aug 2019
Grief will pave the way for happiness
Lose everything and you'll find everything
Here where I am, everything is topsy turvy
Here where I am, being is not being
Here where I am, not being is being

When the face of the king appears
Give away your everything
Everything that you once loved
Everything that you once had

The core essence of your being
It belongs to the king
Don't even say "uff"
Just give away your head as a sovunier
And your heart will become gold
That will shine forever

© Ali Ashraf
Ali Ashraf Jul 2019
I belong somewhere beautiful
among the beautiful people
where language is poetry
where roses sing in praise
where crystal clear rivers flow
where sun does not burn
where moon is always full
and where you and I
sleep in each other's arms
all night long under the full moon
where morning breeze brings joy
where there is no work at hand
where love is the only currency
where eyes sprinkle with happiness
where there is no fear
where there are no laws of nature
neither human laws to adhere
where it's neither so cold or hot
where things do not rot
where hearts speak and tongues listen
where all lovers live in communion
that place never existed
that place might never exist
but when I close my eyes, I see it
and I am filled with joy.

© Ali Ashraf
Ali Ashraf Jul 2019
you are the eternal ocean
of love and mercy
with infinite streams
bursting out of you
even if you give one drop
to the entire universe
the stars would sing in joy
and every creature will dance
in everlasting ecstacy
and all I ask for is a drop
from that drop

© Ali Ashraf
Ali Ashraf Jul 2019
my soul wants to dance
but it's trapped in a cage
I see the sunset everyday
I think about my passing age
with each day gone
I have not grown
but only withered
I wish you to breathe on me
put a new life in me
my soul's garden has seen many falls
now it craves a spring
that'll bring back the innocence
and I'll smile like a baby
in his mother's arms
I crave a spring that'll forever last
my hopes have grown old
my feet have become sore
in search of you
please do not hide from me anymore
oh love of my existence
shake me so my withered leaves
could fall altogether at once
and make room for a new spring
where I belong in your arms

© Ali Ashraf
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