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Solaces Aug 23
From the shadow lands I return..
Toward glow and glimmer..
Into radiance and shine..

(I can see your light)

You await me there..
Your brown hair flowing in the winds..
It takes in the sun creating music to my eyes..

(I can see your shine)

The darkness falls off my shoulders..
It flows and drips from my hands..
As I walk back into the light toward you..

(I can feel your hope)

The last of blight leaves me..
The sun blooms on my skin..
You touch my face with both hands..

(I can feel your love)

My eyes have color again..
The ambers and the auburns return to each other..
To see eachother again..

(I can see your soul)

You recite a prayer to me..
An invocation to my belief..
And our eternal communion..

(I can hear you sing)
Just a little faith..
Seanathon Aug 23
You roll like auburn hills
And crash like comfortable clouds in the sky
Into my living room couch

Calling me back
Like the last moonlit rays of the sunset sky

You are steady and both steadily mine

About A Song Alone
Warm amber sunlight creeping slowly
Behind heavy draped windows
Slowly illuminating faces on bed
One with pale white skin
The other sun-kissed and golden
Both sleeping in each other’s embrace

The sun-kissed boy wakes
In his arms he held a beauty of ivory
He smiled, kissed the pale one’s neck
A work of art he truly is
Rich silky auburn hair
Chiseled face and ghostly pale skin

Admiring such a beauty in his arms
Gently traced the outlines of his face
Luscious  cheeks and kissable lips
Both in shades of pale pink roses
Thick eyebrows and sharp nose
He sighed, the pale one wakes

He stared into his eyes
Burning with want and need
Those warm brown eyes
A contrast to his lonely black pools
His Dark hair like coal in the hearth
Burning in the auburn of the other’s embrace
The Auburn haired boy I met...
falling Jul 2015
i love you.
you, my friend,
are something
something different.
you, in some sense,
        saved me.
like bright lights
on warm water reflecting
I found myself,
in spite of my love for
auburn love in the depth
of winter is what we are,
I love you in colors
I can't describe, see or even
though as seasons go
feelings seem to, I suppose,
and once again here we
go around and around,
dancing numb hoping love
is still vibrant and radiant in
no longer dull,
in black, white or stubborn
I fall and I fall, into the
rhythm of our waltz,
we spin in circles
around the issues of
I love you and
I've loved you but yet
   I lost you.

— The End —