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six pm Apr 2021

am a
the gravity
of emotion.
noting the
subtle lensing
of light,
as it
passed you
distorts my
star weary
i must
crunch the
equations &
check them
i don
& shoot
for your

of you
path is
a cosmic
wall; to
galactic sky
as microwave

sense of
your dark,
i spend
my nights
matter that
surrounds us.
by the
scented skyline
jet propulsion,
serenaded, and
lemonade rainfall;
upon another
acid planet.
your pain
upon the
still unpinned
by travelled
making me
jealous of
all the
places where
the universe
sees the
of you
i am
of being. °

as love
in ellipticals
it eclipses
my heart,
the awe
never ceases
to inspire me.
invokes my
devote my
life to
the beauty of
its euphoria
into the
to release
the burden of
it’s memory
like the sun
burned into
my retinas.
i compose &
compute each
itself onto
endless notations.
converting numbers,
filtered through
my limbic system,
into colloquial
closest words
to illustration,
as my
surmise. •
. •°.

code the
my poems;
my theories
of everything.
my poetry
to everyone
as my
my mind
my only
am i
still the
who can
in the

-six pm
six pm Apr 2021

for fifty days i fasted,

knowing no-thing,

save the retching of my own flesh,

save the pit of my own stomach.

for your arrival safely we sold

our cattle, fashioned a festival

our first kiss –a first sip of wine

on the day break of Pentecost,

at last my fast was over.

we fashioned circles of precious metals

and strung them around each other’s

vena amori, declared forever in a vacuum

proclaimed endurance upon the coming

event horizon of time itself.

space swells with the ancient ruins

of men and women who shed tears

tracing the constellation trails

from one end of an ocean to another

filling the void of voiceless oceans

with metaphoric rapture and appetite

for adventure.

Charles, the smell of desert sand swims

firmly between your pores,

your body warm as the land

cut like mountains

between your biceps

where my head lays

basking in the moments

you are here.

how i adore you so.

proclaim eternity

enter matrimony – eyes wide open

place his heart upon a pedestal

let no slanderous word nor malicious canticle

****** his woefully mortal heart.

roots and petals of calendula

poultice to quell the spasms

you take me in my blood

and i take you in my arms

when the nightmares hurt

worse than the back pain.

you remind me that even in the winter

the carmine-colored cardinal coos

and whistles, awakens the trees and fills

the cold world with sweet song.

i’m unraveled in your high collar,

blue and burned in a freak fire,

raptured by the desert

nothing is forever, we know,

yet everything is possible.

there is no going back.

on this river of time

except maybe we’ll escape

the event horizon burn

as radiation about

the black hole’s radio halo.

dying light is a subjective notion

when you limit every poetic persuasion

to the limits of the human eye.

we weave honey, orange citrus, & marmalade

into spacetime tapestry,

devote each second

as the present is our own reward

the art of being in love,

the pleasure of being alive.

the future is a metaphor –

as in calling the ocean endless

naming riptides undertow

we: new and other molecules

blur into water, two bodies

one brackish soul. -six pm
A poem about reuniting with my husband.
six pm Mar 2021
  * ·      · ˚ ✷.
                                ⁕                             ­ ­                                                               ­  ­                    *                               ⊹
· ⊹                                               * ·      · ˚
⁕                                                              ­  ­                                                              ­   ­        ⁞

for you i am a tequila sunrise;
for you i am heartbeat panging
through the pages
of schoolgirl crush notebook.
kissing crux of neck bone crest collar,
soft and warm as morning bread.
                                                      .   ­                              •
                                 ­                 ⁕
you are at least 6′ tall.
i blink.
     .                    *          i am sure.                                    ⊹

   .     ⨀              i say: starlight you are sunshine    ✧                .
   and i love you like buttercups.
i write you sonnets and give you heartbeat
✧             gift wrapped in its parchment.            
            .                             ­        .                        
                               ­    ⋆
­you grow 10′ taller.
you are menace and
i am mouse.

i tell you i am falling from your eyelash.
*     you grow larger. 20′ tall now.      
.        •·            13 miles you crest everest.           ⋱        .
i go to hold your hand
but i’m a lonely golden pebble.
                   you ask the clouds a favor;                
to blow their wind and push you away.
                                   .                     º            
­                             ⊹
you are leaving.
i will stay.
i tell you i need you.
  i feel nothing.  ·•
⁖   •․    i am in the stratosphere; floating        *   .
i am a helium balloon
and you are shrinking.
⋆ ­             you are dusking sunset             .
.    through bleary eye slits      .
and it is getting cold here.
⋰        star sparkle my vision sun sinking            .
º        backlit dropping…      
⊹                  .                             ­                                   ­
  ◐  •             you are              · ˚ ✷.

… my lover?    ⊹

· ˚ ⊹.      you are           ·  º

˚ ⁕      …my height now.       ·•      

you are smaller.
  ✧                 you are sprawling pacific ocean.                   *
whole life ahead of you.

  * ·      · ˚ ✷.              .
                                               ­      º
i am drifting alone.
         i still love you.     
·    .             you are orange melodrama, ⊹            .    ·
you are marmalade paintings
on still-life ocean surface.
you are the west
  * ·      ·                              ˚ ✷.
                                          ✧                                  ∗
                          ­                                             ​.
                                                          · •                .

⁕                                                              ­­     .

               ✧           and i am gone.                         
                           ­                                    ​

•                      ­ ­           
                                                   ­            ­         ​.
∗                                       ­             ­                               ⁕⊹      * ·      · ˚.
  ✧ ∗
                          ­                                             ​.

∗              ­ ­                      ⊹    
  * ·      · ˚ ✷.
  ✧                                          ⁕
                    ­­     .                                            

every constellation becomes a new map evolving
and i am only marrow
you can see right through me.
i am an open book and you are diary entry.
∗                            .                            ­        ⊹

                         ­  ⁕

           .                                            •
star­tling the starlings with my stories.
∗i regale earth’s ******* mud, her jewel weeds,

dandelion wish clouds,
and the way you kept together everything.
∗                            .                       ­             ⊹

                         ­  ⁕

           .                                            •
fu­r­loughed like an arrow.
you sentenced me to no-thing.
bone marrow bow flung me
with the bow crafted of my own heart strings.
sorry. i couldn’t make it to the moon by morning.
i hope the darkness wasn’t so bad.
i hope you missed me.  

–six pm | *furloughed
   ⁕                                                                ­­                .


                                                               ­ ­               •

⁕                                                   ­­                .

                                             ­­                                                ​


                      ­                                         ­         ​.

∗         ­                                          ­                      ­          ⁕⊹      * ·      · ˚.
  ✧ ∗

                          ­­                                              ​.

∗             ­ ­                       ⊹    
  * ·      · ˚ ✷.
  ✧                                          ⁕

∗                                                            ­ ­             

                                                ­  ­             ⁕
A style I've been perfecting since 2016. I love to blend visual art with my poetry.
Rick O'Shell Jun 2020
It's a secret
No one else feels it,  none other than I
know you are a goddess in my eyes
I know I'm not worthy of your attention
yet I feel it's my life's purpose to mention
That life has no meaning if you pass me by
not knowing flower roots drink when clouds cry
without your sunlight to shine open their petal arms
to absorb for the night your life giving charms
It took heart-crushing time for me to discover
the light of your love shines for another
So then how could I expect you to know
my heart still tags along wherever you go
So I must keep the secret, outside the unrequited cycle
of how my heart is longing only for you my Cybele .
JoRiOs 6/16/2020 4:46 PM
I wanted to express how I believe it would to feel love for a goddess that was walking around on earth not knowing she was a goddess and it would simply destroy her existence if she knew she was immortal, so the secret must be kept even though she thinks she is mortal and loves another. So in this impossible scenario to love her is to be celibate or as in the days of old to be a castrate servant in her cult.
Rick O'Shell Jun 2020
Baby you're the definition of the cause of the blues
You just empty out any heart you choose
You got no sense of shame or remorse
for the destruction left in the wake of your course
You're so beautiful and it's obvious you know it
but every chance you get to be loved, you just blow it
you pretend sincerity religiously
by sayin' you love God so much
When you're done with the fools that fall for you
What's left unbroken of them is not much
You act like you've been heartbroken,
and say you don't want to be hurt again.
Then you sink the hook in the new poor fool
just when you think They're All In.
There is no truer thing that can be said about you
When she looks that good she's to good to be true
This was inspired by someone trying to catfish me on facebook. Sent me a beautiful picture of her as a Mother with her daughter,  and then hit me up for a hundred buck gift card to get her phone charged. Now when I see the name Danielle, my heart does a little cringe. In my head I can hear BB King singing something like this as lyrics to his song "when my heart beats like a hammer" from riding with the King BB King and Eric Clapton.
FLESH Jan 2020
I lifted myself all that I could bare
Countless messes untouched
Behind more days left to live
And everybody bothered me
I decided to put some things away
Grasp information with my now empty palms
Talk more
I accepted time
I lost a dear friend
I will see him again one day.
I am easily bothered but that’s okay
Change is necessary
Not always expected,
But if it never happened nothing
Would exist.
I ******* miss Luke
And would give anything
******* anything to change the change
That occurred
But that’s not how change works.
I will continue and see this journey through.
I’ll think of you when I’m reminded that
You existed
And still exist somewhere in some
Funky *** form
You’re probably having so much fun
Living free roaming this earth in a strange body
You’ll have to learn to use.
But as long as im alive I will remember the body
That smoked kush with his friends and
Listened to strange music.
I love to live.
I love you, dear friend.
I wish I could’ve seen your graphic novel
Completed whole and filled with nothing
But utter creative complexity.
Long live axel and his world
created at the hands of a complicated boy
Who did everything to live free.
Thank you ghost boy.
Boris likes to stroke his Mogg
Merkel loves a hot Macron
David Davis hates to Barnier
Keir Starmer gels with Garnier

May adores her slimy Gove
While Corbyn woos the Abbott
Liz Truss? Such angry sourpuss
Herself to champion loudly fuss

And Greening's not for leaning
Against the Brexit so opposed
Sajid wants a blimp of Trump
Which has given Donald the ****

Whilst in the gilt historic chair
We’ve a bent partisanal ******
Cash grabbing John the squeaker
Bercow! How in hell are you still Speaker?

Now when speaking of selfish greed
Travel. Duck houses. Second homes, and such
Let’s remember; as not to would be unfair
That glib arrogant war-monger; Blair

I’ve had enough of all of them
The Blunts. The Hunts. The useless…
Pieces of flotsam and jetsom
Don’t even start me on Leadsom!

©pofacedpoetry (Billy Reynard-Bowness 2018 – All rights reserved)
On the subject of politics and Westminster in 2018 - Brexit etc, and the inadequacy of our politicians on all sides of the divide.
Bambi Feb 2018
It’s 4 pm
And I’m being kissed by the sun
I feel the warmth from his affection
That warms up 40 winters Ahead.
Imran Islam Dec 2017
Dear Friends, you do not need to hide
your real age
You really do not need to show
your cleavage
no need to upload for showing
your nudes
to get a boyfriend or husband.

A simple smile of you
is enough for showing
your beautiful looks.

A true gentleman will fall for you
and accept you
because of the beauty inside you
not of your outer looks instead.

Why do you hangover
and sleepover
with a friend or guy
to help something ****?

You feel like smiling
for compliments from unknown men
but you get your real man wrong
when he says
"you're ugly or fat" for having fun.

A relationship based on
outer looks may look really great
but can't stand strong
as outer beauty is
surely going to fade someday.
While relationships based on
two true hearts and souls
can live forever.
Bowedbranches Sep 2017
Where do we go now
After forging empires
Just to tear them down?
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