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Elsie Plum Jan 15
I lifted myself all that I could bare
Countless messes untouched
Behind more days left to live
And everybody bothered me
I decided to put some things away
Grasp information with my now empty palms
Talk more
I accepted time
I lost a dear friend
I will see him again one day.
I am easily bothered but that’s okay
Change is necessary
Not always expected,
But if it never happened nothing
Would exist.
I ******* miss Luke
And would give anything
******* anything to change the change
That occurred
But that’s not how change works.
I will continue and see this journey through.
I’ll think of you when I’m reminded that
You existed
And still exist somewhere in some
Funky *** form
You’re probably having so much fun
Living free roaming this earth in a strange body
You’ll have to learn to use.
But as long as im alive I will remember the body
That smoked kush with his friends and
Listened to strange music.
I love to live.
I love you, dear friend.
I wish I could’ve seen your graphic novel
Completed whole and filled with nothing
But utter creative complexity.
Long live axel and his world
created at the hands of a complicated boy
Who did everything to live free.
Thank you ghost boy.
Boris likes to stroke his Mogg
Merkel loves a hot Macron
David Davis hates to Barnier
Keir Starmer gels with Garnier

May adores her slimy Gove
While Corbyn woos the Abbott
Liz Truss? Such angry sourpuss
Herself to champion loudly fuss

And Greening's not for leaning
Against the Brexit so opposed
Sajid wants a blimp of Trump
Which has given Donald the ****

Whilst in the gilt historic chair
We’ve a bent partisanal ******
Cash grabbing John the squeaker
Bercow! How in hell are you still Speaker?

Now when speaking of selfish greed
Travel. Duck houses. Second homes, and such
Let’s remember; as not to would be unfair
That glib arrogant war-monger; Blair

I’ve had enough of all of them
The Blunts. The Hunts. The useless…
Pieces of flotsam and jetsom
Don’t even start me on Leadsom!

©pofacedpoetry (Billy Reynard-Bowness 2018 – All rights reserved)
On the subject of politics and Westminster in 2018 - Brexit etc, and the inadequacy of our politicians on all sides of the divide.
Bambi Feb 2018
It’s 4 pm
And I’m being kissed by the sun
I feel the warmth from his affection
That warms up 40 winters Ahead.
Lure Pot Dec 2017
Dear Friends, you do not need to hide
your real age
You really do not need to show
your cleavage
no need to upload for showing
your nudes
to get a boyfriend or husband.

A simple smile of you
is enough for showing
your beautiful looks.

A true gentleman will fall for you
and accept you
because of the beauty inside you
not of your outer looks instead.

Why do you hangover
and sleepover
with a friend or guy
to help something ****?

You feel like smiling
for compliments from unknown men
but you get your real man wrong
when he says
"you're ugly or fat" for having fun.

A relationship based on
outer looks may look really great
but can't stand strong
as outer beauty is
surely going to fade someday.
While, relationship based on
two true hearts and souls
can live forever.
Where do we go now
After forging empires
Just to tear them down?
Julie Grenness Mar 2017
Hello, and Hell, PM, this is 2017,
Your medieval view is our scene,
It's the future for the young, their stage,
Do you want them all to live in the Stone Age?
It's called Liberal surreality, no less,
When's the next election? Guess!
Even poor people can vote one day,
A little humility goes a long way.....
Feedback welcome.
Constellations Dec 2016
The glow and sparks are silent
Colour and fantasy hidden
The children manipulated like magic tricks
And a fire blazes as the lights go out
The silence swallows the shimmering sound.
Yusof Asnan Nov 2016
There was no clock; no watch,
No time as they stood together,
As if time decides to take a break.

The moon was high,
On the dark black sky,
As if the night was the actuall setting for earth time.

Her heart flutters,
Her knees trembles,
As he said "I want to protect you and your fading smile."

An excerpt from my dreams
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
-------------------Panginoon,,ano po kaya

---ngayong bagong umaga

-------kakaharapin kong tadhana

---------gitna po ba?kanan?o kaliwa?

ganun pa man,,susundan ko ang tamang daan
sa ESPESYAL na ARAW at sa buong maghapon
nais ko lang po ngayon MAGPASALAMAT !
sa INYO AMA,,,sa biyaya nyo pong AGIMAT.

nang dahil sa isang
ko ang isang kasabihan
walang mga paa na makakahakbang nang hindi muna  _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-
my exceptional point of view for tomorrow
a poem of mine that would take away my sorrow
Rassy Nov 2015
Still, the wishes I have made have not grant yet.
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