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Madhumita Apr 26
I love to watch the rain
Rain with a flash of lightning
Lightning with a dash of thunder
Thunder makes me wonder
Wonder at the wayward wind
The wayward wind sets the rhythm
The rhythm sways the world
The world is in chaos
Chaos is peaceful
Peaceful is the moment
The moment when I am at home
At home watching the rain.
NaPoWriMo Day 26
Poetry form: Free Verse (Gradatio)
emmie cosgrove Jan 2018
A thick silky ebony sky
Warming us with its salty tears
A quick sharp beautiful dance
That masks the mundane fears
Oh how those sorrows prance about
Making souls fly
Causing the desire for tomorrow to begin
Cease until morning sunrise
Michael Joseph Nov 2017
like raindrops when the storm passed
with no rainbows, but still gray skies
let make the path on window panes
let live a trace, but leave no face
on silent deaths becoming clear
of the dark paths made from tears

feel the cold embrace of this cage
of the thousand cries unheard
and a hundred wounds still fresh
with every path on window panes
that lead to the cold hard ground,
with a crash that leads to a loss
but gives life to dear earth

we  are dancers of a feast of stories
of life and death and our momentary clouds
like the paths we made  that meets the ground
after the rain has passed
For all who loves the rain, and the freedom that it brings to a burdened soul
pluviophile Oct 2017
they say no one dies alone
and it's cruel
but once i pass
i will leave a hole in my sister's heart
once my sadness ends
her sadness will begin
AnxiousOcean Sep 2017
there is a grey mist hanging from the sky
behind miles of its skin is a raging war
a calm firmament, but peace is yet so far
it is weak, and so, it yearned to die
roars were heard, and light brought the bath
the war is already won, sing an aftermath
We are asked to write a poem with a ABBACC rhyming scheme. I am actually not so used with the use of any rhyming scheme, so here it goes. :> Enjoy! God Bless!
Rob Redido Jun 2017
Joey and the gang invited me for some bowling after our shift.
I was just about to put on my teal shirt when suddenly
I heard two titans exchanging blows beyond a field made of cotton.
This was the most action I've seen in a while.

In a matter of seconds the land was engulfed with familiar shadows.
Audiences were enthralled, sweating, setting each other on fire.
The armies of heaven are coming soon, I shouldn't go to work
And besides, traffic will go from worse to worst at best. Looking like machines dry ******* each other.

Elves start tiptoeing on my roof when titan A landed a right hook on titan B
Caught a glimpse of my feline companion bolting towards the couch.
I started heating water and mixed it with my teabag afterwards.
I let this paper made of mom's warm hugs throw themselves around me.

I sat beside the window and watched the contestants race each other to the finish line.
I find peace in their chaos. I find comfort in their pain.
Watching the Earth get rejuvenated also heals my rusted body.
This is God's best creation for a weary traveller like me.
This is obviously a bad advice. Go to your work, guys. Don't be like me ditching work just to watch the rain fall lol.
pluviophile May 2017
Trade me some beauty,
and I will give you silver skies.
Speckled with ***** gaze,
of stars,
like silver glitter spilled in a river,
yet in a world above,
it seems not tainted by life,
only a still galaxy
of perfection.

Trade me some beauty,
and I will give you silver skies,
so you can gaze into a different world,
and start your own dreams.
Priya Prathap Apr 2017
First showers of the summer rain
Like a long awaited guest
From the sky came for a visit
Kissed the heart of the burned earth
Crushing the strata of heat and sweat
Cold drizzle spraying drop by drop
Gently over the cracked roof
Magical music of the summer showers
Mystic artwork for the little moments
Of lightning and heavy beats of thunder
Rain is singing in the right rhythm
Rain , Rain , sing again
Rain , Rain , come again
The Pluviophile sang from her window
Song of the drizzling rain always
Resonanced with the song of her soul
Jeremy Micallef Mar 2017
Drop by drop. One follows another.
Continual ripples. Meeting only at the circular bound.
Don't tell me that you detest it. How can you detest something so beautiful?
A source of your own individuality. Deepening your thoughts,
widening your perception. Showing you light in your darkest hours.

It takes away the colour. Letting it stream down the road.
Gathered in one single puddle, is a person's lonely thoughts.
And I feel for the man. He who was not listened.
I feel for the man. He who felt comfort streaming down his face.
Exposing him to reality and truth.

I only have love for it, not loathe.

On wet days, I stare at it pouring down in solace.
Why is it ignored? Why does he keep on walking?
So I reach out my hand, I welcome and embrace it.
I try to show comfort, for it is what it does to me.
Something I wrote back when I was living in Galway, Ireland.
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