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Jay eM Nov 2021
My hand outstretched, reaching for your closed heart
Reaching down, hoping you won’t fall apart

In your palm stands a candle burning
The warmth and light you’ve been yearning

But it’s light is abating
And it’s warmth has been excruciating.

Now the light is long gone
And I couldn’t go on,

The candle and I left you in the dark
With the remains of our spark.
Sometimes I feel like you’re holding on to things that hurt you instead of reaching for the ones that are trying to help. But time can and will run out. Eventually that helping hand will get tired of waiting for one that is too busy hurting itself.
Jay eM Mar 2021
Taking a break
Then you appeared

A new person
Something I feared

Your lips
Soft and warm

You calm, in me,
A never ending storm

Walking along
Hidden by trees

In your embrace
I feel at ease

Where will we go
Where will this end

I hope my time with you
Will be well spend
Hey blue
What made you look my way?
Could you stay with me?
Just a little longer
Or more
Jay eM Aug 2020
Lay here with me
Under the coral sky

With each passing bird
Wishing we could fly

Endless roaming clouds
Keep slipping by

Lay here with me
Under the glimmering stars

Miles of nothing
Expect a few silent cars

This moment right here
Can only ever be ours

Lay here with me
Day and night
I though of this while out for a run. Funny how I still think about you even after all this time. What is it about you that draws me in?
Jay eM Apr 2020
That night
a longing gaze
an almost
stolen kiss

your hands
gentle and carful
my own

but now
even a thought
brings pain
and remorse

to me
my heart
my soul
i miss you. you may already know that, but what do you feel? when you call me, what goes through your mind?
Jay eM Apr 2020
You are
My sun

Golden brown hair
Radiant smile
Honey sweet eyes

Brighten my day
Darken my night
The cloud cries

When you shine
Up to 7 hours later
It’ll still, in me, murmur

I may seem cold
but a spot for you will
aways be slightly warmer

Insignificant me
I’m just Pluto
Observing from afar

You may feel little
But to me you are
A radiant star

You are
My sun
I just wish you could see what I see and
Understand  how breathtaking you are

— The End —