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annh Mar 4
La, I am an honest deceiver,
For whomsoever shall lend his lies to me,
Will be repaid threefold in pretty devilment.

Channelling Stoppard, who imitated Marlowe, who emulated Virgil. Originality is nought but petty thievery. ;)

‘You must be proud, bold, pleasant, resolute,
And now and then stab, when occasion serves.’
- Kit Marlowe
NAL May 2020
You soothed my raw skin with lotion,
but I know underneath your heart meant war;
so here's to the selfish, demimonde ******-
to the ones who'd **** up their own lives,
including yours.
They can talk all they want,
but at the end of the day, face-to-face,
they would kiss my *** and greet me with praise.

AD Snail Jan 2018
Midnight black,
Gently draping upon a pale frame,
Gracefully sprawling down to the marble floor.

Silence ensured,
As fragile eyelashes are drawn closed,
And a thin line is drawn onto mouth,
A face smooth and soft as silk in the dim light.

Tone made of riches and the thread is velvet.

Soft footsteps that elegantly dance across the floor,
The glow of stars and angels dust floats about,
Enchanting you to dance amongst the spaces love.

Fog gracefully rolls upon the dance floor,
It swirls around her petite ****** frame,
And it captures her elegantly in a tight embrace,
Given you just but a taste of divine beauty.

Her dainty ankles peak out of her midnight sky drape,
As she takes a noble step towards thee,
Vibrate eyes that shine just right, are set on you.

A entity, a goddess stands before you,
Leaving you breathless and putting you to shame.

Her refine wrists flick upwards to meet your face,
With such a delicate and define touch,
As she traces luxurious fingers and fingernails down,
Ghostly hands wrap themselves around your neck.

Wrapped tightly and swiftly with no mercy,
As you are suffocate by a elegant Deceiver.
AD Snail Nov 2017
One kiss left my breathless,
It left me more lost than loved,
Losing my mind over this.

She brought sweet lips,
That spoke none of innocence.

Each hug was like a serpents grasp.

She brought my what she called love,
And it indeed was an addiction,
But for all the wrong reasons.
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Soul: (to the deceiver)
Tis' not a whining contest
hiding that tongue of the ******
forgot, couldn't get more honest
Now go and come back in August

Deceiver: (to the soul)
Nowhere are you going with that
******* on you, my devilish cat
eventually will I control the brat
simple is that, not a problem of SAT

Good,Good! Do what you want
swaying towards hell is what you want
funny! something even you don't want
you dear, are nothing but filled with haunt

So now you're too gonna mock
once was I the most valuable stock
all were under the reputation of my sock
then fell down to a crow from a Hawk

Soul: (to the self)
Work, bring to feet the crime
poetry isn't worth a dime
Listen, listen! It's pray time
Eternal's gold better than fake lime
Deceiver gets slammed ;)
Well, this is the end to it. Maybe I'd come up with more some other time. It was fun to write it. Enjoy
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Soul: ( to the self)
If you'd just let me in
you'd know what I've been
through, on and in
lower a bit that chin

Desires need be kept within
silent stay, don't you grin
nothing heard, dropped a pin?
Remember these just to begin

(Devil) Deceiver: (to the self)
Know that's you, you're the king
above your head lies no string
Evil? What's that a thing
There's no bad luck to bring

What keeps you so running
know that he's bluffing
he ain't that cunning
See, the dark's quite stunning

Graspeth, the light before ye fall
the boogy knows how to crawl
before makes he dark the hall
Hurry! answer the Devine's call

(Deceiver) Manipulator:
What? the dope's back again
manipulating you to refrain
being dug under my crane
Apologies, allow me to start again
A conversation with the inner self or soul and the Devil himself
This is the part 1 of the original whole poem. And it gets more amusing in the upcoming part. Soul and Devil talk face to face;)
Silverflame Feb 2016
You see me and I see you.
I have never met someone like you before.
You all of a sudden say you like me, is that true?
You open up a before locked up door.

As a warm cup of coffee you warm up my soul.
It is a feeling I had forgot.
But now I am no longer in control.
I guess I like you a lot.

You make me feel like I am 10 feet tall.
I can almost touch the blue sky.
But what if I loose my foothold and fall.
Would you catch me or let me die?

I feel so carefree in the cold and thin air.
I can see all the tiny people passing by.
But when I turned around, you were no longer there.
Did you forget me or was all of this just an evil lie?

Well, I guess there is no more to talk about.
So I suppose I should just let it dwell.
And as a candlestick being burned out.
I now bit you a bittersweet farewell.
brandon nagley Jun 2015
I canst see why
So many believeth Satan
He's portrayed as ( an angel of light)
And any deceiver
Canst maketh one believeth in him

As for me.... .

Don't got mine vote dear Satan !!!!!!
pixels Jun 2013
You Reap What You Sow

A sentiment that never quite stuck.

I did what I would-
Consequences were a punishment
for villains more obvious
than the sweet girl I played.

But the real world is not so biased,
peeling away the masks I wore

You Lay in the Bed You Make*

But my pillow is filled with thorns,
and my blanket is thread-bare.
The mattress is layered with spiders' webs
and the chill never abates.

I long for the One to warm my soul...
But it's been years since another has lain so close

For I sow seeds of deceit
and when they bloom
the fruit is bittersweet
and the stems cannot bear weight.
You get only what you deserve.

— The End —