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Mark Wanless Feb 17
the pure hallowed souls
of tribes children behind us
we stand resolute
Naveen Malhotra Nov 2020
Fickle mindedness
A moment here
Another moment there
Lands you nowhere
Unable to decide
What's black
What's white
What's to do
What's not to do
Where's to go
Where's not to go
Frustration fastening
Emancipation a day dream
Fickle mindedness
An impulse in the mind
Make arrow shot
In the dark
Not bother
The consequences
Cis-river, trans-river
Another impulse
In the mind
Don't decide
For the time
In not deciding
You decide
A decision
Better than
Arrow shot
In the dark
Fickle mindedness
Lands you nowhere
This far nor that far
Take deep breath
In and out
Make resolute mind
Dispel fickle mindedness
Decide with confidence
Landing this far
Or that far
In best interest
As you are
If on the horns
Of a dilemma
Or a multi-lemma
Be content to decide
Fickle mindedness
You avoid
Nolan Willett Apr 2019
My heart lies torn and numb, black to the core
It’s so lucky I’ve got a thousand more
depth deprived Mar 2018
Sleeping on the top bunk
I got really good at crying
without making a sound.
Strong and resolute,
is what I aspired and pretended to be.
I never learned to fight,
let alone to fight fair.
There is no room for contention
between myself and I,
or anyone for that matter.
Now I seem to be left defenseless,
but can't tell the difference
between safety, security
and when I need to be defended.
Everything is easy,
everything is lovely.
Sleep instead of thinking,
like my mother before.
Harry Roberts Aug 2017
Body blistered
Mouth aflame.
Lies like Serpents,
Slither in the mouths of
Those to blame.

The inferno,
But lost in pain.
Rivers of blood,
I choose to maim.
Andrew Fahey Feb 2017
Sounds swim constantly
Through the aches behind my unopened eyes.
The latest slumber trek is at an end.

The pace of my brain
Akin to a shortsighted grasshopper:
No focus,
Leaping all over the pace.

My inert body
Resolutely immoveable.

Just 5 more minutes.
Silly boy, you weren't ready for this.
You hadn't studied for it.
Love is joy, you never felt it like that.
Now it's your weapon.

How is this for you?
Does it help?
Will this pain bring you to work harder?
ть в порядке?

Angels watch your misguided adventure.
They're laughing at you.
God whispers into your ear.
Or is he the devil?

People avoid your crooked walk.
Loved ones, already cursed with your touch.
She got away, and is still cursed.
You divide .

How long will the wind guide you.
Devoid of free will.
**** them all.
Curse them with your touch.

Forever within your heart.
Poison your mind with doubt.
Silly boy, you gave up choice already.
Now you're on a road to ******.

Angels lower their heads in disappointment.
Devils look away.
Just another obsession.
I'm about to turn to dust.
no reason
eleanor prince Jun 2016
seas receive
thousand cries

stifled sighs
broken ties

silent tales
held within

cache sounds
unheard din

breakers come
to incite

endless rite
pointless fight

tall he stands

rocklike form

striding on
ancient seas

takes her due

steals his hold

casts its spell

with each swell


her control's


must agree

all it takes
is a move

change his stance
he can prove

though the seas
snarl and pout

in the end
there's no doubt

while there's worth
status tall

at some point
we may fall

think ahead
where we be

lest we're trapped
in some sea
this is the Flickr pic I selected to go with this poem:
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2016
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