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Penelopejayde Mar 2019
At the depth of night,
I stood,
You were there,
Circling me like a shark does to their prey.
It’s always efficient to see you in person.
  Mar 2019 Penelopejayde
Andrew Rueter
I never met you
Every day except one
You didn't mind calling fun
Everyone else said I was a faithless sinner
After being part of these one night winners
The kind where we skip dinner
And go straight to bed
While in my tornado head
I am haunted by these idiotic thoughts
Despite what my lonely life has taught
I yearn for all the pleasure you brought
To fill all my days
Like the sun's rays
Instead of responding with nothing
Leaving me in the dark
Thinking you're a shark
When we shared a spark
But you casually smothered the infant flame
So I'm glad I don't even know your name
Penelopejayde Mar 2019
People aren’t born (I thought whilst watching a passionate artist perform their blood for the audience),
They are found.
Last nights thought that dropped by. I wrote it down on a paper cup.
Penelopejayde Mar 2019
I loved her,
Growing up together,
But the separation of tertiary education,
I became more selfish,
I saw you were hurt,
Majorly hurt,
I hurt also,
But it was you,
And I had to withdraw myself,
Away from you,
I didn’t understand you see,
I was being selfish to survive,
To live another day to be selfish
And to be able to be in your aura,
Even though I knew you were hurting
I needed to get better before
So I could just see you
In all that is a strong light.
But you were hurting and I didn’t do anything,
I selfishly sustained my desire over you to only see you later.
We are still friends, but I’m still finding my words to tell them. Should I tell them? And if I did would my heart understand something my brain tried too. WIP - will probably edit
Penelopejayde Dec 2018
Absurd, observe, absorb
Sounds all the same to me.
When I fall it’s untouchable
Penelopejayde Dec 2018
i know i can't make music like some.
i know i can't make paints play like some.

but i know what i can do more than some.
I can love you more than anyone.
love in the most confusing way. i want it to be easy.
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