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Nikki Danilov Jun 15
cobwebs all around your ashy hair.
you smell alarmingly of evil and purity.  

I like when you graze my cheeks with both hands...
10 dainty fingernails slicing incredibly deep into my skin.
Loveless Jan 2018
When can I go home.?
I gave up everything to be with you,
Now the days have become longer.

I trained myself to love you,
And now I’m slowly watching,
As you change me into your puppet.

I always knew it would end up this way,
Your hands squeezing my throat,
While caressing my head,

I know I’ll never leave,
This place has become much too comfortable,
Besides, I forgot what the outside smells like..
Late night feels.
Lauren Emily Aug 2015
On the top of a river lays a woman,
A woman who plunges,
She plunges into the depths of the river, waves and oceans.

On a particular day she plunged into the ocean,
After something she loved so dearly,
A treasure she would give anything to keep.

She dove into the ocean,
Swimming down, down, down.
The deeper she went after the treasure,
The darker it got.

She felt something,
Something swam around her,
Closing in on her.
Never the less she kept swimming,
Down, down, down.

She felt the fingers of her treasure,
Her beloved was right there.
She looked at his peaceful face,
Keeping the image in her head.

How can she not?
She loved him, she couldn't ever leave him.
Not now, not ever.

"Oh please, please stay with me."
She cried out in her head,
"Please, don't leave me here alone."

She pulled him close as she kicked off of the sandy bottom,
Only now did it strike her,
How could she swim all the way down to the bottom of the ocean?
Was she already dead?

She shook her head,
"I can worry about that later,"
She told herself, keeping her goal in mind.
"I need to save him.."
She held him to the side kicking and pushing the water with only one side.

As she reached the near surface what she felt had disappeared around her,
What was it?
She reached the surface of the ocean,
Kicking out of the water she flicked her hair back,
Her breathing was rapid, she couldn't feel it though.

She swam to the shore with her beloved on her back,
Laying him down on the sand, she revived him.
Hearing him cough up the water he had taken in,
Was music to her ears.

He looked at her confused,
"I love you my darling."
She whispered to him,

He took her hand and held it sitting up,
She cupped his cheek, realising the one thing she thought he was doing.
It wasn't him whom was leaving her...

It was her leaving him.
This is my first published poem, I'm feeling quite good about this so please try not to be mean about it. I realise this seems a bit odd but it's what I came up with listening to something called 'The Isle Of The Dead' on YouTube.
Kissy Marie Oct 2014
I am
Long hair and swinging hips
With natural pouty lips
A smile that hides my intellect
A piercing gaze you can't forget

I am
Long legs with large soft thighs
With yellow flecked eyes
The sweetest of your dreams
The nightmares that evoke screams

I am
The girl with the skull tattoo
Who wants more too
The bringer of your pain
Who only wants the same.

I am
She who died inside
Until you made me rise
Loosely inspired by Maya Angelou's "I Rise"
Kissy Marie Oct 2014
I'll drag you to hades to dwell with me
In the garden of Persephone.
We'll dine on her fruit so we shall be
Lost in each other for eternity.
Elysium shall hold no sway with us
We'd rather watch the sufferings of Tantalus
Souls crossing Acheron will provide
Our music, a tortured lullaby
Their lamentations won't put us to sleep
Nor will their groanings cause us to weep
But they'll fill us with fury rooted in lust
We'll lie down on blood soaked fields the color of rust
Then we'll journey through Asphodel
As we travel back to our home in hell
I with you and you with me
In the garden of Persephone
The first two lines flitted through my mind and I just had to flesh it out.
Douglas Scheurn Sep 2014
Some Kind of Girl.

I need a girl who likes to play hard.
A girl who bumps korn in the graveyard.
I need a girl with scars matching mine.
a girl with a little darkness on her mind.
I need a girl who isn't scarred of death,
A girl who cherishes every breath.
I need a girl with an infatuation of blood,
A girl like this I'll truly love.
I need a girl with a forgotten past,
A girl to make each moment my last.
I need a girl with the world in her heart,
A girl with the mind to tear it apart.
I need a girl with eyes of a blazing torch,
A girl rolling joints on the porch.
I need a girl with a broken soul,

So the pieces of mine can make her whole.

— The End —