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Aixela Jun 2018
I think guilt might be killing me.
Now you may ask yourselves: "What did I do to feel so?"
- **** someone?
No. Nothing so radical.
In fact, nothing that might actually warrant this level of guilt.

Misplaced guilt is like my personal ******* -
an addiction that my brain can't get rid of, constantly calling to be fed.
I latches on every small mistake
Sinks its claws deep into the marrow of my bones
and stews for a very long time -
whilst my brain vainly strives towards perfection.
julianna Jun 2018
I have a parasite.
It's called perfectionism
It causes me to have overwhelming brain spasms
When you ask me to do something out of my
"comfort zone"
If I try to do it, I have to battle against the parasite.
It says things like:
"This is too hard."
"Give up, it's easier."
"You don't care about this!"
I'm practicing self-soothing methods,
Ways to drown out the little parasite's
Nagging voice.
It is difficult.
It is hard.
But I am stronger, I am the host.
Sunny May 2018
I get mad when I get 80s on tests.
Or when I barely scrape by on an assignment grade.
It makes me feel weak. Or dumb.
Almost like I’m not trying. Almost like I’m not applying myself.

I can do better, I know that!
I could’ve studied more. I could’ve read more.
I could’ve done more.
I could’ve tried harder.

But, in the end, these things just get me down.
I did try. I did do my best.
After all, nobody’s perfect, right?
And that’s okay.
bakunawa Apr 2018
In her world everything had to be perfect from head to toe. Until she met the man who was so and so.

She wanted to accept him but the gravity was far too much. She could never fall for someone as sloppy as such.

So he tried again, this time training, whipping himself to perfection. Time then passed by, and he was too 'normal' to catch her attention.
Debanjana Saha Mar 2018
Hi dear
perfectionist anxiety
A monster who craves for me
I said I no longer love you
You make my life miserable
To reach to a point
Where I belong nowhere.

Believe me,
I never love to be
Release me
I am better off without you
I would love to be free
Let me go, please!
The perfectionist anxiety hits me everyday
In each of my step. No wonder I would never want to be how I am. Let me go and live in ☮️.
H Phone Jan 2018
...I got my writer’s spirit amputated a year back

Doctor Perfectionism said it was a lost cause
Dead weight
Heavy like an anvil resting on my brain
The anvil of the hardy wordsmith I used to be

Nurse Inspiration was the one who removed it
With a scalpel
Sharp like a fox’ teeth plunged in my head
The fox that used to whisper clever plays on words to me

Mortician Motivation buried it deep underground
In a coffin
Shut like the gateway to my mind now is
The gateway that used to unroll a red carpet in front of my feet

For all intents and purposes, it should be gone
I would never write another word
But then what is this feeling?
This itch?
This urge?

Is it phantom pain?
I was on the brink of giving up writing altogether. Frustration after frustration came and went. I thought my writer's spirit was gone, but it never truly left.
Luna Maria Dec 2017
Do you know that voice, always yelling at you? That voice from inside your head? The voice yells the worst insults.
Try to fight it, but you'll never win, because the voice knows all of your weaknesses. It's made by your worst enemy, you can never defeat.
Try to ignore, but the voice is sneaky, and will come at the most unexpected moments. It will break through the silence. To break you.
Try to escape, but the voice will always follow you, wherever you go. And it will never stop, until you break under the pressure.
Try to stay strong, but the voice keeps yelling until you start to believe.
The voice is done when all the lies become truths. Then the scariest part begins, when the voice stops yelling and starts whispering:

"You aren't good enough."

Do you hear that voice too?
Perfectionism can be very hard. Never underestimate.
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