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She has this place where she goes
  when she needs to be all alone.
        She calls it her place,
a place where the hurts of the world
       quiet down and fade away.
A place of beauty, where her fingertips
can paint over all the wrong
and all the pain she feels
in colors bright and cheery.

It’s a place of peace, where the fears
        of her heart slow and still…
  A place of calm, where the oceans
       of emotions lay at her feet
            and weep no more.

It’s a place where she can breathe,
where she feels sheltered, protected
from the coldness outside
of her canopy of shade… It’s her place.

                  She went to her place…..
                     ……she visits very often...
With sweet memories of love
filling the night air,
her heart fills with bliss
in the love that’s shared.

In the silence of night
with her head upon your chest,
sleep beckons her body and mind
to a peaceful nights rest.

You see, never in her life
has she asked for anything new,
the only thing that comes close
is asking for a love pure and true.

Not just love of heart
but of body, soul and mind,
that honest love of truth
that is so hard to find.

So as her eyelids start to dance
and images start to form,
she gives into these beautiful dreams
that are now being born.

As sleep takes you into dreams
and you feel her head on your chest,
know that it’s your faithful love
that gives her peaceful rest.
Donna Jul 2017
When I close my eyes
Midnight joins me for a sleep
Together we dream
Sweet dreams all x
Donna Jun 2017
Trees sway in warm breeze
Quiet clouds float in peace , lawn
mower sings a song
Lovely Sunday morning :)
Star BG May 2017
I sit at window
reflecting on beauty of minds heart.
With deep meditative breath
I connect for peacefulness.

I sit on mountain,
reflecting on beauty of earth entity.
With deep breath and focus,
I connect for harmony

I sit in vessel,
reflecting on beauty as sky and earth merge.
With deep breath and a smile,
I connect for joy.

I sit at ocean bed,
reflecting on gratitude for everything.
With deep breath and balance,
I connect in oneness.

StarBG © 2017
inspired by Diya
The water swells,
small waves roll into the beach
the ocean,
sends it's soft thundering
to where we sit amongst the driftwood
-contemplating the hazy obscurity spread before us.

The sea's gentle rumbling
is that of a slumbering beast
a deep
            and then
for the season to change.
tamia Jul 2016
i belong to the daybreak
when humans with sleepy eyes
and mousy morning hearts
are brave enough to face
the scarily mundane world once again.

i belong to nature
to the hidden wonders of the world
there's unknown modern hanging gardens of babylon
and the secret sanctuaries
where the teenagers of the megalopolis
go to rest.

i belong to the ocean
in the deepest trenches
no man has seen
where it is quiet and still
and darkness reigns supreme.

i belong to outer space
in the galaxies who are
strangers we'd like to know
there's dark matter that swirls
space dust coalesces
and stars are born to die all over again.

i belong to the rain
when the sky cries and
the typhoons turn to drizzle
the water runs through
empty houses and thrift stores in the gutters
and on and on, to underground,
to God knows where.

i belong to the night
to the time when the busiest people
submit to slumber
but a few who are not
bothered by lightyears
sit by their windowsills
to watch the stars.

*i belong to the world
and the world belongs to me.
Brent Kincaid Sep 2015
The now has left my body.
My mind is emptying
Of all thought of today.
The moment is receding;
I feel my feet lifting
My arms are floating
As if in a pool of light
Like water, buoying me
With untouching caresses
Lofting to evanescence
And I know it is fine
This feeling of pleasance
Of no worries in me
No hurrying to be done
Nowhere I have to be
No reason to run.

I am centered in this,
A feeling of completeness;
Of needing nothing else,
A spiritual sweetness,
A relaxing kind of comfort
Surrounds and enfolds
By singing unheard songs
Deep into my very soul.
I am happy here, smiling,
Somewhere in the self
Where not even I can see,
That I am someone else.
I am someone loving
And kind and caring.
I love this feeling so
I wish I were sharing
The sense of a world
Where everything is right
And everyone is floating
In the same golden light.
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