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  Mar 18 Brianna Love
Oft comfort home is but dark settles lonely and she's out there spinning my dream the part of me that means love
I want to breathe maybe tomorrow
Her perfume of neck glory a scent
Of her hair my pillow is dry
And the journey long
is well worth it and time is going
To make better the end for both us
when I taste her desire
And I find the end of the rainbow
Nigh,  I will doubt me not, will
I not I the imitible nebulous precocious, I am mighty
undeterred by time or luck I'm
Focused, I'll begin a new country,
I will, or a very near universe,
A citadel on a hill
On mars If it takes that,
Or a newer brighter sun a sun
that shines love light like
beacons on blind lost souls
for love on lonely
  Mar 17 Brianna Love
Then I guessed right telling you
You could keep your hat on peeking
at you with that new found sexiness
A beret pulled down over your left eye
hands on your hips leaning left that right hip sharp as a knife
A sly smile the picture
Of total sexiness
On my king bed

A vision
You made me fall in love

for once I knew what it was all about
The release more than
Just *******
The talk the kissing the interest the contentment
The total need, the wanting to spend
Mornings ***** cuddled in sheets
On the couch crying
Watching "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
Again.  Even "Forrest Gump"
Totally comfortable to let you see
Me vulnerable. More than *****.
See my soul.
I turned you on to grits.
Was happy to see you like your eggs
Sunny side up
And bacon crisp,
We are so much alike.

And that look in your eyes as I was pleasing you like a mirror
face to face connected in body in
Soul in space in time in eternity.

I now know what
Peace is.
Thank you my
  Feb 19 Brianna Love
It's hard to say
Harder still,
You've missed the chance.
  Jan 16 Brianna Love
If you've
     Ever had a dream,
           Like i do
Feeling real as anything,
             It will soon come true,
   Well, i do.
Dangling barefoot in a stream,
       Every sunbeam
              meant for you,
       Thats what I mean,
    And you've wanted all your
            Days, to dream this way
      Sharing caring with
             The sun,
  Holding hands in beams of love,
           Knowing all the wait
    Is over, and the nights
                Will be so warmer,
            a dream
                    Come true
                       I do.
  Jan 13 Brianna Love
Lora Lee
conquer me
with your words,
for I am a poet
     of soul
my mind as open
as my spread thighs
my lotus aching
to welcome
your sword of gold
Come close.

until there is no light
between us
for inside grows
a luminance,
as sharp as ghost pepper
as soothing as
spilt milk
on petalsilk skin
as nourishing as
the stillness
of secret ponds
let us spin our tongues
into lava flowers
as we call forth courage
from the sunken
Brianna Love Jan 12
Hear the whispers
of the night
secrets dancing
in mists of white
tales told
of midnight dreams
beauty versed
in loving scenes.
Legends spoken
as old as time
so similar
to yours and mine
of savored love
felt and viewed
then longing hope
to be renewed.
Warm the dreams
these secrets tell
deep within
this midnight spell.
Shared to none
yet to all
whose ever
love's sweet call.
I know the beauty
we have shared
is one of
glistening splendor
like morning dew
filling me forever
with the whole
of you.
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